Teen Fakes a Japanese Accent For a Whole Year to Troll His Entire School

A high school student out in Colorado has just set a new standard for epic trolling.
Kei Simmons, 16, is currently a junior in high school. About a year ago, Simmons moved from Japan to Colorado for school. To make the boring school year interesting, he decided to troll his entire school by faking a Japanese accent for his entire sophomore year.
“I thought it would be funny to fake a Japanese accent and change my name to Happy,” he said in a YouTube video.
Simmons vlogged about his experience in a YouTube series called Happy’s School Days. He details all the things he was able to get away with because of his accent, including asking his entire health class what tampons are and calling his teachers by their first names, among other things.
About two months ago, Simmons put out a video revealing his real voice to all of his close friends, classmates, and teachers. Simmons’ gag was so intricate that even the friends he ate lunch with at school everyday had no idea.
As expected, most of the people were left speechless and in utter shock after Simmons’ big reveal.
Congrats Mr. Simmons, you are the grandmaster of trolling.
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