Woman Sends Valentine’s Messages to Guys She Met at an Irish Bar – Worst Decision Ever

What’s a girl to do on February 14th when she isn’t spending it eating overpriced heart-shaped ravioli off a Valentine’s Day dinner menu with her significant other at a candle lit restaurant?
Rekindling old flames she met drunkenly at an Irish bar over text message of course. That is exactly what Victoria Trocino, 22, did as a Valentine’s Day prank she pulled on Sunday. Trocino, who is from upstate New York, shared her experience of texting 17 random people she had met in bars in Dublin on her site, Blog on Fleek. The results are pretty hilarious.
She decided to send out 17 happy Valentine’s Day wishes to some lucky contacts saved in her phone from her summers abroad. Out of the 17, four of them responded.
The upstate New Yorker had spent several summers in Dublin, Ireland, studying and interning in public relations while also getting to know the Irish nightlife. Along the way she had met, flirted, danced and maybe kissed a number of “interesting characters” with whom she had exchanged numbers with.
So not only did Ryan get right back into it and try to woo me back, but he confused me for some other Victoria with ‘yellow hair and big tits’ (FYI Ryan it’s called blonde hair), and THEN he wanted to dive right into the most embarrassing political question an American could receive right now.
“Ryan, you’ve outdone  yourself. And for that, we salute you.”
Trocino explained that the “Penguin Erector” worked at the penguin exhibit at the Dublin Zoo. He got his named because “he claimed his job title was Penguin Erector which, according to him, meant he had the duty of picking up penguins and placing them upright if they fell over.”
Trocino wrote on her blog:
“First of all, wasn’t aware we were making a professional connection. Second of all, why does a ‘Penguin Erector’ need a LinkedIn? Third of all, someone PLEASE find his ‘new lady’ and send him this post because the Penguin Erector needs to be STOPPED, now.”
In conclusion, Trocino was happy with the overall response rates of her text messages. She wrote:
“Out of the 17 Valentine’s Day messages I sent out, I only got these four conversations in return. But these four conversations exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Man, I miss Ireland.”
h/t: Mashable
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