Model Exposes YouTube Prankster Calling Women Gold Diggers With Her Own Prank

Model Exposes YouTube Prankster Calling Women Gold Diggers With Her Own Prank
Editorial Staff
February 2, 2016

Vivian Rubio is a seasoned actress and model who can be credited with recently exposing Youtube prankster Risky Rob, or Robert Pinon, for hiring models and actresses in his elaborately staged videos.
Rubio, who has appeared in telenovelas such as “La Reina del Sur,” was visiting family in Miami when she came across the acting gig posted by Risky Rob. The Craigslist ad was reportedly seeking an actress for a televised prank that would show how women in Miami are gold diggers.
When the role was explained to Rubio, she was horrified. Rubio told the Miami New Times:
“He’s not just saying Miami women are doing this; he’s saying all women are gold diggers. I thought it was wrong.”
Rubio had a mastermind plan to expose the prankster as a fraud. After agreeing to meet up with him at Bayfront Park, she contacted another person to discreetly record the whole setup to show the prank was a fake.

Risky Rob’s Youtube prank video, titled “Money Hungry Gold Digger Prank!!”, has garnered nearly 5 million views since it was uploaded on Jan. 4, 2016. Rubio blasted Risky Rob by posting her video 10 days later on her own Youtube channel to expose the staged skit. She told the Times:
“I found it exciting to put him on the other side of the show, to show the world that this is all staged.
“I hope a lot more people expose the truth and expose these fake pranksters who present these videos like they’re reality. People need to think more positively about women than this.”
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