Napping IKEA Customers Receive a Rude Awakening By Prankster Chinese Vloggers

Napping IKEA Customers Receive a Rude Awakening By Prankster Chinese Vloggers
Ryan General
October 19, 2017
Some customers in China have been observed to taking naps and spending whole afternoons relaxing in the display beds and couches inside Ikea stores, prompting one vlogger to take action on the bad behavior.
The popular Swedish furniture brand tried to implement a store-wide ban on couch-hoarding customers in 2015, but to no avail; images of shoppers enjoying the display furniture way too much were already viral on social media.
Whenever the weather starts to heat up, shoppers — and even non-shoppers who happen to be in proximity — end up defying the ban to take advantage of the stores’ air conditioning and soft, comfortable beds.
According to SoraNews24, some concerned individuals who appear to have been fed up with such behavior have taken it upon themselves to give these customers a rude awakening. Headed by local celebrity vlogger longgekuaipao, the group recently employed a variety of techniques to wake up the relaxing customers. Video footage of their efforts was recently shared on Chinese video sharing site Weibo, generating a huge reaction from viewers on the platform.
Most of the Ikea patrons who were jostled out of bed were noticeably pissed after being disturbed.
To avoid untoward reactions and possible confrontation, the pranksters/vigilantes would pretend to simply be inspecting the pieces of furniture when waking people up.
Their techniques ranged from subtle nudging to extreme attempts, such as lifting the entire mattress with a person sleeping on it.
Some of their ‘victims’ became visibly irate and at times would yell at them while they feigned surprise for the angry reaction.
Watch the video below:
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