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Jackie Chan says Bruce Lee once helped him get paid more on set in unearthed 1997 interview

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

A previously unpublished interview with action star Jackie Chan from 1997 revealed just how much he looked up to martial arts icon Bruce Lee.

The king of martial arts: The interview, conducted by journalist Richard James Havis, shed light on the actor’s early days as a stunt choreographer when he witnessed Lee’s rise to global fame, reported South China Morning Post.

Martial Arts Master With Balls of Steel Preserves Ancient Technique of ‘Iron Crotch Kung Fu’

Iron Crotch Kung Fu

A martial arts master from Juntun village in central China is hoping to preserve their ancient technique of “iron crotch kung fu,” where practitioners get their scrotum hit by logs to train their weak spots.

The style, one of the branches of Tongbeiquan kung fu, has been practiced in the village for 300 years, according to 65-year-old Wang, the head of the Juntun Martial Arts Academy, Reuters reported.

She Played Bruce Lee’s Sister in ‘Enter the Dragon’, Then Beat Him at the Box Office

Angela Mao

In the 1970s, a Taiwanese martial artist made waves in the U.S. to become known as the “female Bruce Lee.”

Angela Mao, who now runs restaurants in New York, did so well that one of her films even knocked Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” off the top of the box office for a week — while also starring as the sister of Lee’s character in the latter.

5 Key Moments in ‘Ip Man 4’ That Taught Us Asian American History and Racism

ip man

As the powerful and lightning-quick Wing Chun saga of the “Ip Man” tetralogy starring Donnie Yen reached its conclusion, the location featured in the fourth film was none other than San Francisco in the ’60s.

While the “Ip Man” films dramatized incidents that end up in confrontations, the racism depicted in “Ip Man 4” drew some influence from real-life instances where anti-Chinese sentiment ran rampant and added to the Chinese diaspora and struggle.

Shanghai Martial Artist Sets Guinness World Record Playing Ping Pong With Nunchaku


A martial arts coach in China set a new Guinness World Record for hitting 32 table tennis balls using only a nunchaku, a traditional weapon consisting of two sticks connected by either a chain or rope.

Xie Desheng, a 28-year-old martial arts coach in the Shanghai paramilitary police, was able to hit 32 table tennis balls with his nunchucks, setting a new world record, according to Shanghaiist.

Some Asian Parents Want Their Kids to Be Doctors, These Parents Trained MMA World Champions

Different variations of martial arts are present in every Asian country — it’s practically a part of our DNA.

While UFC has become a hit in the western world, Singapore-based ONE Championship has dominated Asia by showcasing their talented Asian athletes while also respecting the real tradition of martial arts and its values of integrity, discipline, respect, and humility.