Exhilarating action scene from 1989 Donnie Yen film ‘In the Line of Duty 4’ leaves netizens enthralled

Exhilarating action scene from 1989 Donnie Yen film ‘In the Line of Duty 4’ leaves netizens enthralled
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Fans of Yen and Cynthia Khan’s action film will soon be able to experience it in HD

December 28, 2022
A stunt from the 1989 martial arts action film “In the Line of Duty 4: Witness” has gone viral ahead of the film’s U.S. HD Blu-Ray release.
Uploaded to Twitter by @TimesSqKungFu, a YouTube and Twitter account focusing on Hong Kong action cinema, a short clip from the recent German Blu-ray release was shared on Twitter.
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In the video, police officer Yeung Lai-ching (Cynthia Khan) fights a group of thugs on top of a moving ambulance. The clip starts with Khan hanging from the window of the vehicle as her legs dangle and graze the pavement. She fights off her assailants as she climbs over the vehicle, dodging gunfire and other vehicles before eventually rolling into the street as the ambulance drives away. 
Shared on Tuesday, the video reached over 115,000 views and 5,300 likes, with many sharing the uploader’s enthusiasm.
“Knowing that they did these stunts for real makes them terrifying,” wrote one user.
“HOLY F*CK I was getting anxious in the last part,” commented another user. “I have to see this movie holy sh*t.”
One commenter compared the scene to a stunt performed by Jackie Chan in the 1985 film “Police Story.”
“Some of that choreography reminds me of police story,” the commenter wrote. “ I seem to recall a bit of Chan hanging off a bus.”

Directed by Yuen Woo-ping, “In the Line of Duty 4” stars Khan, Donnie Yen and Michael Wong.
As police captain Donnie (Yen) and inspector Yeung investigate a drug trafficking case, the duo must put aside their differences to protect the sole witness.
Although the Blu-ray version has only been released in Germany so far, the HD re-release is expected to reach the U.S and U.K. this upcoming year.

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