Kung Fu Champion Dad and Daughter Gain 1.3 Million TikTok Followers With Incredible Skills

Kung Fu Champion Dad and Daughter Gain 1.3 Million TikTok Followers With Incredible Skills

November 24, 2020
Meet Chang Xing Liang, the kung fu star dad who is going viral on TikTok.
Social media star: Liang gained over 1.3 million followers on TikTok after his daughter, Zara, shared videos showcasing his martial art moves on the social media platform, according to LADbible.
  • In one of the videos posted, Liang can be seen practicing on a wooden dummy — similar to that in the “Ip Man” movies.
  • He applies kung fu to everyday chores, such as when he’s tending to the garden.
  • Liang could not decide who he to be last Halloween, so he tried several characters like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Ip Man and Rocky.
  • He also shared a message answering questions that keep asking him if he is Jackie Chan.
  • The father and daughter duo posted a video where they perform stick routines together.
Who is Chang Xing Liang: Liang was crowned as a master martial arts champion back in 1985, according to a picture of a 1990 Herald Sun article he posted to his Instagram.
screenshot via @zaraliang
screenshot via @zaraliang
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  • Liang moved to Melbourne, Australia, from Beijing in the late 1980s.
  • He studied wushu at a very young age and later attended the Chinese Institute of Sport for several years.
  • Before moving to Australia, he was named as the National Wushu Champion from 1979 to 1986 and was the former captain of the Beijing Wushu Team during that time.
  • He taught several students kung fu at Melbourne University and the William Cheung Academy in Dandenong.
  • Liang was “also involved with the international push for wushu to become an Olympic sport.”
  • “People think of wushu and think of something rough and full of fighting,” Liang said in the Herald Sun interview. “But for wushu you must understand philosophy and medicine. It has three functions…one, it is good for health; number two, it can be used in self-defense and the third is it is a demonstration of art.”
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