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How One Australian Woman Learned to Lift and Discovered Her Dream Job

As a teenager, Australian Meg Kimura felt the constant pressure to be skinny. High school friends and stereotypes enforced by the media had pushed her to the point of having a toxic relationship with food, manifesting into an eating disorder, she told Daily Mail.

“Partly because cultural norms from my background idealizes being thin, but mainly from my high school social circles,” she told NextShark.

5 Asian American Fitness Accounts to Follow and Avoid that ‘Quarantine 15’

Quarantine Workout

With the COVID-19 pandemic, closed gyms and at-home quarantines, it is more important than ever to take care of your health and fitness.

For those of us who are able to self-isolate at home during this time, it can be easy to put on that quarantine fifteen if you know what I mean (I know, I should drop a mixtape), and understandably so, since we are falling out of our normal routines of working out at the gym and staying fit. It is also important to recognize that many of us aren’t moving our bodies as much as usual as we don’t walk as much at home as we do in our normal day to day lives.

Bodybuilding Fitness Coach Suffers Stroke After Lack of Sleep, Bad Genes

JZ Fitness

While most would assume that fitness instructors are among the last people on Earth to ever have health issues, one ended up in a coma after a shocking episode of a stroke earlier this month.

JZ Fitness, also known as “Muscle Dad,” is a popular bodybuilder and fitness instructor from Taiwan who now sits on a wheelchair as he recovers from the incident that messed up his family’s plans for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Why Viral Fit Mom Maria Kang Got Her Breast Implants Removed

In 2013 Maria Kang, founder of No Excuse Mom went viral for a controversial photo showing off her toned body with her three sons, with a heading that read, “What’s your excuse?”

Since then, the viral fit mom has been repeatedly accused of setting unrealistic body expectations for women and supposedly “fat-shaming” curvy mothers with her fitness photos. To this, Kang responded that her message was not directed at shaming anyone and that the backlash she received calling her a “shame to women” was essentially “fit-shaming.”

Meet 14 Strong and Sexy Asian Athletes Who are Dominating Pole Dancing

pole dancing

Just a decade ago, the words “pole dancing” would have conjured up images of dimmed lights, dollar bills and strip clubs. Today, however, with talks of making pole dancing an Olympic category in the near future, people are finally starting to see it for what it is — a sport.

Since the Global Association of International Sports Federation officially recognized pole as a sport, the International Pole Sports Federation has been rapidly growing, expanding all across Europe, Asia and America.

9 Ridiculously Strong Asians Who Will Blow Your Mind

strong asians

Instagram is full to the brim with pics of shirtless dudes and girls in yoga pants these days. Fitness is in, more so than ever before — but what about strength? Looking great is one thing, but being able to move some heavy ass weight is whole ‘nother story.

In celebration of the spectacular capacity of the human body, here’s a list of nine ridiculously strong Asian lifters, both male and female, from across the domains of strength sports — powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit.