Chinese Man Trains to Break Guinness World Record of Being the Fastest Person to Run Backwards

Chinese Man Trains to Break Guinness World Record of Being the Fastest Person to Run Backwards
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 6, 2018
Meet Yin Zuoping, a 57-year-old man from Jinan, China who can run down a flight of stairs in just five seconds all while doing it backwards, and to add more flair into this, he finishes his act with the splits.
The idea to run down the stairs backwards came to Yin during the rainy days in summer.
He said that he kept falling over on slippery stairs when going down, according to Daily Mail. And so, to tackle this problem, he ultimately led to the decision to try going down backwards.
The road was slippery during rainy season in summer, so I thought it’d be better to walk down the stairs in reverse,” Yin told Pear Video. “I would only touch the ground with my toes and that can reduce the contact between my body and the ground.”
It turns out, this exercise that he discovered for his body turned out to be great as it helped him strengthen his coordination more. In fact, he can do 52 steps down the stairs backwards in just four and a half seconds, which is his current best record to date.
Once you get used to it, your body performs better and your legs become stronger,” Yin said.
Tourists and other park-goers would often stop in their tracks to watch Yin run down the stairs. Some would even be astonished by why he does.
This is unbelievable. He is definitely a hidden kung fu master,” one of the tourists said.
But attracting attention at his local park is not exactly what Yin had in mind when he began training this skill. He plans to break the Guinness record for the fastest person to run backwards, which is currently being held by Timothy Bud Badyna from the United States when he ran backwards for 200 meters in just 32.78 seconds on January 17, 2001 in Santa Clarita, California.
Images via Pear Video
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