Blogilates Cassey Ho Surprises Her 1.4 Million Fans By Getting Engaged!

Blogilates Cassey Ho Surprises Her 1.4 Million Fans By Getting Engaged!
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August 24, 2017
Cassey Ho of Blogilates is officially off the market, sharing her engagement to longtime boyfriend, Sam Livits, on her Instagram page.
“I got engaged in Kauai to the love of my life. It feels like a dream but Sam reminds me that it’s definitely real,” Ho wrote in excitement.
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The fitness influencer and Pop Pilates creator said that Livits suggested the two of them take Instagram photos at a cliff he stumbled upon during their trip. Once they got to the end of the scenic route, he popped the question.
“He got on one knee and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ And all I could say was…’Wait, is this real?’, ‘You’re kidding right?’, ‘Hold on, this isn’t fake?!’ He was like, ‘NO CASSEY! THIS IS REAL!!!!’” Ho recounted.

LITERALLY a couple weeks ago before we went on vacation I told @samlivits that I hate rings, don’t get me a ring, and that our love does not need to be shown off by an overvalued rock. I said take the money and let’s start another venture instead! Hahaha. Omg he must have been DYING inside because Sam and lil sis @jackelynho have been working so hard CUSTOM DESIGNING this ring just for me – in secret! I remember a few months ago Jackelyn asked me if I HAD TO pick a ring what it would look like. I was like…ok fine, well if you force me then something that doesn’t look like a traditional wedding ring! 💍 I want it to look like a rose on a vine! 🌹 She was like…what!?!? Well baby sis and fiancé, you guys knew me better than I knew myself because I DIDN’T KNOW that I could love a ring THIS MUCH. It is so beautiful and the fact that you guys designed it for me makes it even more special. What’s a Blogilates ring if it ain’t got some pink stones and a rose gold band!?!? 💕 You guys crushed it on the design!!! Oh and by the way, for those of you wondering…how does being a fiancé feel different from being a girlfriend? 👫 Surprisingly it feels REALLY different! I feel like I’ve unlocked a new level of adulthood and am experiencing a heightened kind of love. Its so weird and magical! ✨ Eeeeeeeeee!!! #blogilates

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As soon as she started crying, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend appeared to take pictures and shoot a video from behind a bush. Lol!
“IT. WAS. UNREAL,” Ho said.
She described the impact Livits has had on her life.
“He knew me and loved me before Blogilates ever existed,” Ho wrote. “We dreamt together, built together, failed together, lost hope together, and found what we were desperately searching for in one another…together. We’ve been through so much and I 100% would NOT be who I am today without him.”
Livits, a finance tutor, also took to his own Instagram page to share the proposal.

From finance tutor to fiancé. Feeling like the luckiest guy in the 🌎!

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