Indonesian Mom, 50, Shocks Netizens With Age-Defying Beauty

Indonesian Mom, 50, Shocks Netizens With Age-Defying BeautyIndonesian Mom, 50, Shocks Netizens With Age-Defying Beauty
Ryan General
October 17, 2017
Indonesian fitness star Puspa Dewi captured the hearts of netizens after her photos showcasing her age-defying beauty went viral.
At 50 years old, the youthful mother of two can still turn heads wherever she goes and often gets strangers in disbelief whenever they find out her actual age.
Not only do people mistake her for being a woman half her age, but when she’s out with any of her teenage sons, they assume one of them is her boyfriend.
Even social media users, who came across the widely shared images of with her sons Dennis and Daniel, were left amazed to find out that Dewi was actually their mother.
A former beauty queen, Dewi is a popular local celebrity in her country and often appears on Indonesian TV programs.
In an interview with Indonesian site Detik (via Daily Mail), Dewi, who calls herself Mama Hadi, pointed out that her looks are entirely natural, and attributed her youthful glow to regular exercise, a healthy diet and “happiness.”
“People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now, the children are all grown up and I get to run a business I love,” Dewi was quoted as saying. “I guess I am just radiating happiness.”
A huge Zumba fan, Dewi says she retains her fit physique because of regular workouts, which include aerobics, swimming, and badminton.
Her radiance has so far earned her 250,000 followers on Instagram, establishing her as a social media celebrity.
Dewi has successfully turned her popularity into a profitable business via “HadiGenetics”, a venture where she shares her family’s workout plans and helpful diet guides to clients.
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