Ridiculous ‘Fish Into Collarbone Challenge’ is the Latest ‘Fitness’ Trend in Asia

Ridiculous ‘Fish Into Collarbone Challenge’ is the Latest ‘Fitness’ Trend in AsiaRidiculous ‘Fish Into Collarbone Challenge’ is the Latest ‘Fitness’ Trend in Asia
Yet another viral “beauty challenge” that aims to flaunt one’s slender physique is gaining quite a buzz online in Asia.
“Fish Into Collarbone Challenge,” which is an Asian online trend from last year, has finally reached western social media.
Originally from China, the peculiar viral trend involves putting as many fish into your collarbone as possible to highlight how skinny you are.
The challenge, which appears to promote some skewed beauty standards, became popular last year and is now making a comeback.
While it the depth of one’s clavicle can’t really accurately measure one’s size considering the variety of body types that exist, the new “beauty challenge” has generated quite a response from netizens.
Collarbones have been associated to a person’s slimness but it can also be an indication of whether someone has become way too skinny.
In 2015, Chinese netizens also started a similar viral trend in which challenged women on how many coins they can hold with their collarbones.
The challenge, which started on Weibo, claimed that the more coins your clavicle can hold, the slimmer and sexier you are.
Since showing off nearly skeletal frames are becoming all the rage in social media recently,  it is important to note that young people jumping on diet trends to achieve certain “challenges” can also cause a negative impact as it can place them at risk of eating disorders.
Featured image via YouTube/abc
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