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Filipina Typhoon Survivor Who Won International Science Competition Wins Scholarship to MIT

A Filipina survivor of Typhoon Haiyan recently won an international science competition that eventually got her a scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).   

Besting 11,000 other entries from 178 countries, 18-year-old Hillary Diane Andales won the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge for her video explanation of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, reports ABS-CBN news.

Filipina Teen Paints and Sews Her Own Prom Dress — The Result is Stunning

A creative Filipina teenager may have stumbled upon an unexpected career in fashion design after her high school graduation ball (prom night) gown of her own design and creation went viral in the Philippines.

According to Ciara Gan, she began designing and painting her own graduation ball gown after she was left disappointed by someone else’s attempt to help make the dress.

Woman Reunites With Her ‘Lolo’ After 15 Years, Discovers He Kept a Picture of Her Always

A young Filipina shared an adorable tweet about how when she finally reunited with her lolo (grandfather) after 15 years, he showed her a photo of her at age 5 that he had been keeping in his wallet.

The woman, who goes by the name Gianne Pineda, according to her Instagram page, tweeted a photo of her grandfather holding up the picture in his wallet, and a photo of the duo together.

Woman Who Lost Her Boyfriend Over a Year Ago Still Posts Loving Instagrams of Him

More than a year after her beau passed away in a drowning incident, Filipina Chinese model Janica Nam Floresca still posts loving images of their relationship on social media.

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It’s been 8 months since you have passed. But why it’s getting more painful? Why it becomes harder for me to accept everything? Sometimes it seems like it’s too much to handle no matter how hard I try. And I feel bad for the great life I have around me now. That I still carry this feeling with me. 😶 It’s really hard but i promised to be stronger and to face and overcome everything for you and for myself. Although I miss you terribly, I know I will see you very soon! Just keep looking out for us. I know we will have a lot of catching up to do someday. I love you, everything about you. Yours, Janica