Video of Petty Hong Kong Woman’s Racist Rant At Filipina Woman Goes Viral

Video of Petty Hong Kong Woman’s Racist Rant At Filipina Woman Goes Viral
Bryan Ke
August 16, 2017
A video of a woman’s rant towards a Filipina overseas worker in Hong Kong is now going viral on Facebook with over 1.4 million views.
The clip, which was posted on the social media platform by Angela Sentillas Pasco, who is also the victim in the video, told how the unnamed Chinese woman bombarded her with profanities in her Facebook post.
The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday when she boarded a bus in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong. Pasco, in her post, said that the woman started complaining about her size and even called her fat after she sat beside her on the bus.
Pasco then pulled out her cellphone and began filming the woman after she started yelling in Cantonese. The angry woman continued her tirade, calling the Filipina names and even to the extent of dropping racist, stereotype remarks. Pasco was called a “slave or helper” in Cantonese by the woman and was told to “go back” to her country, further saying that Hong Kong is “for Chinese people.”
The Chinese woman also accused Pasco of breaking her phone, saying her gadget is worth more than the victim. “You’d never be able to cover the cost. You and your goddamn out-of-date iPhone. Mine is a Samsung. […] Smelly c—,” the angry woman said, as translated by Coconuts Hong Kong.
Image via Facebook / Angela Sentillas Pasco
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