Filipina Airline Passenger Wears Over 5 Pounds of Clothes to Avoid Baggage Fees

Filipina Airline Passenger Wears Over 5 Pounds of Clothes to Avoid Baggage Fees
Ryan General
October 22, 2019
A Filipina passenger decided to wear at least 10 pieces of clothing just to avoid paying for extra baggage on a flight.
Gel Rodriguez’s carry-on luggage reportedly exceeded the maximum weight of 15 pounds and was told by airline staff at the check-in counter to pay the excess baggage fee.
Instead of shelling out some cash, however, she chose to put on some 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) of her garments and then posed for the photo. 
After layering herself with multiple shirts, pants and jackets, she was able to bring down her luggage’s weight from nearly 20 pounds (9 kilograms) to a little over 14 pounds (6.5 kilograms).
Rodriguez shared a picture of herself proudly wearing the multiple pieces of clothing in her Facebook post on October 2.
“From 9 kg to 6.5 kg baggage,” she wrote along with the hashtag: #ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted.
Rodriguez’s post has so far generated over 36,000 reactions, 1,000 comments and more than 21,000 shares.
“Thank you for the idea.” one commenter wrote. Meanwhile, another proclaimed Rodriguez has a “brilliant mind” for coming up with the idea.
She later told Vice in jest that if she had known her post would go viral, she would have “posed better” in her picture.
While her stunt did save her some money, Gel said she will probably not wear layers of clothing again at the airport.
“It was really hot,” she was quoted as saying. “I don’t recommend other people do it.”
Featured Image via Facebook / Gel Rodriguez
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