Pilot Arrested After Alleged Assault and Rape of Filipina Woman in the U.A.E.

Pilot Arrested After Alleged Assault and Rape of Filipina Woman in the U.A.E.Pilot Arrested After Alleged Assault and Rape of Filipina Woman in the U.A.E.
Kyle Encina
September 21, 2017
An Arabian pilot was arrested by police in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates when a 34-year-old Filipino woman accused him of raping her after their fortuitous meeting at a local club.
Prior to the incident, the 36-year-old man told the victim that he was celebrating after got himself a job at an airline that earns 70,000 Dirham ($19,058) a month.
The pilot then offered to give the woman a ride to her home. According to The Star, the victim explained that she only accepted the man’s invitation since he seemed “decent.”
However, the man told his accomplice to drive both of them to his apartment in Sharjah instead. Once the two arrived at the apartment, the evidently intoxicated man took her phone in the car, telling her she would get it back inside his apartment. Once inside, he slapped the woman and proceeded to rape her.
The man denied the allegations and explained that the woman only accused him because he declined to pay her, but evidence unearthed by the police suggested otherwise.
The apartment manager told the police that there were signs of struggle since the woman’s belongings littered the apartment floor. In addition, DNA samples found on the woman’s clothes and body were confirmed as belonging to the Arab pilot.
Police revealed that they found the Filipino victim in “extreme shock” and that she sustained bruises after the incident. The sexual assault suspect now stands trial at the Sharjah Criminal Court on charges of assault, rape and alcohol consumption.
Despite the allegations, the suspect insisted that the act was consensual and that the woman agreed. The man has since been let go from his post.
This isn’t the first time in September that a Filipino woman was raped by a drunk man in the UAE.
According to Gulf News, another Filipino woman was sexually assaulted by a 24-year-old Pakistani worker who was too drunk to even remember the ordeal. Unlike the incident above, the assailant’s rape attempts were thwarted by four men who restrained the drunk and managed to save the Filipino accountant.
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