Creepy YouTuber Tries Luring Filipina Woman to ‘Party’ in His Van

Creepy YouTuber Tries Luring Filipina Woman to ‘Party’ in His Van
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
August 14, 2017
YouTube comedian and artist Josh McCutchen tried to lure a 25-year-old Filipino woman named Patricia to his van after finding out she was a mentally challenged prostitute and allegedly abused.
In a video recorded at Original Tommy’s in Los Angeles and posted to his YouTube channel Burger Planet, McCutchen can be heard asking Patricia, “Do you have to give him money?” around the 1:26:00 mark, referring to the woman’s pimp.
“Yeah,” she replied, adding a “Mhm” after being asked if the pimp abuses her.
“He hurts you?” McCutchen asks.
Patricia nods her head to say yes.
“F*ck him! That man hurts you?!” McCutchen says.
McCutchen and Patricia continue to chat while her pimp goes out to purchase cigarettes.
But even after finding out she’s an abused mentally challenged woman being used for prostitution, he still tries to get a kiss from Patricia, and attempts to “go get some beer and party.”
Outside of the restaurant, the pimp identifies himself as 34-year-old Devin Cutty, aka Devin RealCutty, who says he was born and raised in Los Angeles.
Cutty then sings a rap song he claims he wrote himself, “Getting love from these freaks, cuz they feel me right.”
McCutchen asks, “So how’d you become a pimp?”
“I didn’t become a pimp, you know what I’m saying? Somebody handed me some money one day and told me to sit down when I was a young cat,” Cutty explains.
“I was like ‘Oh wait for me right here’ and I’m like bitch for what? I’m out here selling dope why the hell would I wait for you when my money is coming? You know what I’m saying?” he continued.
“Well you know what, pimping don’t wait for nothing. I stuck the motherf*cking money in my pocket and kept selling dope, you understand me? But look, chick gave me some money told me to wait for her. So she gave me the money. I sat down I continued to do what I was doing and after I was done she just magically appeared.”
McCutchen and his friends were eventually asked to leave Original Tommy’s after recording there for over two hours.
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