Filipina Nurse Creates Breathtaking Paintings Using Medical Syringes

Filipina Nurse Creates Breathtaking Paintings Using Medical SyringesFilipina Nurse Creates Breathtaking Paintings Using Medical Syringes
Kimberly Joy Magbanua from Negros Occidental, a province located in Visayas, Philippines, is no ordinary nurse, combining her job and her love for art by using medical syringes as her painting tool.
Most painters are equipped with a paintbrush in one hand and an optional palette in the other. But Magbanua, a self-taught artist who is also a registered nurse from the Philippines, has a different and very unique way to break the norm.
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Magbanua had the idea of combining her profession and her love for art during one of her shifts back in 2015, according to When in Manila. The thought came to her while she was giving medicine to one of her patients using a syringe.
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I think, I just want to collide my profession and my passion,” she told the publication.
Being a nurse can take up most of one’s free time during the call of duty, especially when pulling two shifts or overtimes. It also goes the same for artists as you need dedication and time to finish a project.
When asked how she can manage to juggle both lines of profession, Magbanua said, “Though there are times that my shifts are so stressful and toxic, I still have time to do my art because it is my comfort zone. Art feeds my soul.”
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Her finished works are truly remarkable that even Philippines television station ABS-CBN noticed her extraordinary talent.
Most of her artwork involves pictures of animals and people, like this rendition of the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw parrots, which she titled as “Ararauna.”
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There is also this amazing painting of two lovebirds titled as “Pajaros del Amor”, which Magbanua created using acrylics.
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If this doesn’t cure your fear of needles and syringes, I don’t know what will.
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