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MasterChef Australia Contestant: Why Greeting Asians With ‘Ni Hao Ma’ is Racist

A contestant in MasterChef Australia has put a local radio station on blast for the “ignorant” way of greeting her in Chinese. 

What happened: Contestant Sarah Tiong, who was recently eliminated from the cooking competition show, said a presenter from Triple M Sunraysia greeted her with “ni hao ma” (Mandarin for “How are you?”) off-air, before a phone interview.

Bay Area Chef Wins ‘Nobel Prize for Food’ for His Climate Change Solutions

A chef in San Francisco recently won an international award for his efforts in creating climate change solutions through the food he prepares.

Mission Chinese Food co-founder Anthony Myint was awarded the “Basque Culinary World Prize,” from Spain-based nonprofit Basque Culinary Center on Tuesday. The recognition, which also includes a €100,000 ($112,182) cash prize, is widely regarded as “the Nobel Prize for food.”

YouTube Chef Blasted After Cooking ‘Endangered’ Salamander

Wang Gang

Wang Gang, a Chinese chef famed for his online cooking tutorial videos, has found himself in the middle of a widespread debate after uploading a clip on YouTube where he taught people how to make a “braised salamander” dish.

Many believe that the cooking tutorial video, which was uploaded on the chef’s official YouTube channel on March 7, features the endangered Chinese giant salamander, according to Ink Stone News.