‘Magician with a wok’ wows TikTok with his fried rice cooking skills

‘Magician with a wok’ wows TikTok with his fried rice cooking skills
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Iris Jung
April 6, 2023
A Japanese chef described as a “magician with a wok” has gone viral for his impressive fried rice cooking skills on TikTok.
Uploaded on Monday by Foodporn (@foodporn), chef Niiyama Naoto can be seen expertly adding raw eggs and rice to his wok, flicking and manipulating the heavy iron pan with professional ease as he mixes in more ingredients and stirs it all in. As the two-minute clip comes to an end, four dishes of fried rice are completed, perfectly proportioned and ready to go. 
“We’re with [Niiyama Naoto], who is a magician with a wok,” the description reads. “Not a grain of rice to spare.”
The chef’s clean and efficient work did not go unnoticed, gaining 10.1 million views and 584,300 likes as of this writing. 
“The flip into the spoon was very impressive,” one TikTok user wrote in awe. 
“If I tried flipping the food in the pan like that it would be everywhere probably end up in next doors garden,” another user joked. 
“I’d have, like, 3 rice left,” another user commented.
Chef Naoto is not a stranger to TikTok, running an account of his own under the handle @新山直人
With over 860,000 followers on the social media platform, a number of Naoto’s videos have gone viral, with some reaching over 20 million views. 
The chef is also active on Instagram and YouTube, where he shares more pictures and videos of his cooking. 
Naoto is known as the creator of Taiwan mazesoba, a Japanese dish that originated in his restaurant, Menya Hanbi.
In addition to Menya Hanabi, Naoto shared on Instagram that he also owns Imaike Hanten, Sushi Tenbi, Ramen Eboshi and Ikeshita Southern Bar Happy.
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