Thai Man Learns to Make American Burgers that are So Exclusive, He Serves Only 4 a Day

Thai Man Learns to Make American Burgers that are So Exclusive, He Serves Only 4 a DayThai Man Learns to Make American Burgers that are So Exclusive, He Serves Only 4 a Day
Thailand has a burger superstar in Taiki Tsubota, a Japanese-Thai restaurateur who makes highly in-demand, mouth-watering gourmet burgers.
While the 24-year-old refuses to be called a chef, his preparation techniques demonstrated in a recent viral video by YouTuber Drew Binsky exudes a level of expertise only found among masters of the culinary arts.
In the feature, Taiki revealed that he fell in love with burgers after he was first introduced to them in 2014 while working at a summer job in a restaurant kitchen in Washington.
Image via Facebook / Homeburg
He carried his affinity with the American dish when he returned to Bangkok. After realizing that there weren’t any good burger joints around, he decided to make the best version of the burger on his own. 
Image via Facebook / Homeburg
Every day since April, Taiki meticulously spends 6 hours every day in the kitchen of a co-working space, under the name “Homeburg,” making only 4-5 burgers for a very exclusive list of people to eat.
With over an hour dedicated to each burger, Taiki ensures that the burger is perfectly crafted using only the freshest ingredients.
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He sources his meat daily from a local Thai-French butcher, his buns from a Japanese bakery, and the rest of his ingredients at a Makro food wholesaler, according to Coconuts Media.
Image via Facebook / Homeburg
Such limited production amid the burgers’ growing demand has also contributed to the long waiting list of a thousand customers. Getting a reservation can take as long as over four months. According to Coconuts Bangkok, Taiki also has a pay what you want scheme for his burgers. He has been paid between $20 to $45 per burger.
“I like the complexity of food, you know? So I decided to make a burger which has all the flavors you can think of. Like Thai food. When you eat Thai food, you get the sour, sweetness, saltiness, spicy, umami, everything!” Taiki noted.
His burgers have even become more popular after being featured on numerous local food blogs and international social media influencers, attracting curious foodies from outside Thailand.
Homeburg’s Facebook page has so far received perfect five out of five ratings based on 24 reviews.
According to Taiki, he leaves the price of the burger completely up to the customer, utilizing a special honor system while he still figures out how he will charge for them.
“Right now is the test period so I don’t charge just a fixed price, so you pay what you think it’s worth,” Taiki said. “After you think it’s not good, you don’t like it, you can pay nothing just give me the feedback.”
Featured Image via Facebook / Homeburg
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