Name a better combo: Asian wedding with ramen bar is a hit on TikTok

Name a better combo: Asian wedding with ramen bar is a hit on TikTok
Iris Jung
October 26, 2022
An Asian bride and groom displayed their unique instant ramen bar as a special treat to their wedding guests on TikTok.
Chef Chris Cho, a Korean Tiktoker and chef with over 2 million followers, uploaded a video of an instant ramen bar at his wedding. 
Since the posting of the video on Oct. 16, the 22-second video has received over 1 million views, 154,000 likes and 871 comments. 
The video features Cho, his wife and smiling wedding guests eagerly consuming the instant ramen. Amidst the fitted suits and floor-length gowns, the ramen was served in their original plastic containers with wooden chopsticks, adding to the casual and festive atmosphere.
“Ramen soup when tipsy just hits different,” Cho writes in his video while featuring a flushed friend. Dubbing the classic treat as the “best hangover cure so we can keep partying” in the comments, Cho shared that the ramen bar was his “wifeys idea.”
Sharing the enthusiasm, users agreed that the ramen bar idea was genius.
“this was genius! perfect after all that alcohol!” one user commented.
“this is the only way I’ll say I Do 🥰🥰,” another wrote in agreement.
Although the couple was officially married during the pandemic, they chose to hold off on the celebration until restrictions were lifted.
Featured Image via @chefchrischo
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