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Singaporean man accused of cat abuse apologizes for ‘playing’ with animal, says ex-girlfriend ‘defaming’ him

  • Singapore-based entrepreneur Jimmy Wong has apologized for a series of viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.
  • Wong’s ex-girlfriend, whom he later identified as Summer Lee Ying Hui, began exposing his alleged cat abuse on Sept. 28, adding that she had “left this toxic abusive relationship.”
  • Lee posted three incidents of alleged abuse toward her cat, Pidan, who reportedly suffered an injured paw, broken fangs and a bloodied eye.
  • While Wong expressed his “most sincere apologies” for his actions in the videos, he disputed Lee’s claims pertaining to Pidan’s injuries.
  • Lee responded with a “rebuttal” this week and insisted that her cat’s injuries were caused by Wong’s “intentional” acts of abuse.
  • Lee also said she has filed a police report but fears Wong’s “inside connections,” since the entrepreneur allegedly claimed to be “part of the police force.”

A Singapore-based entrepreneur has released a public apology regarding viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.

Jimmy Wong, founder of the JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science, identified himself as the man in the videos, which were published by an Instagram account handled by his ex-girlfriend for the cat, Pidan.

Cat in Japan switches career from train station master to chief priest of shrine

Japanese cat chief priest
  • A cat named Nitama formerly worked as a train stationmaster and is now a “chief priest” at a Japanese shrine.
  • Nitama became popular when she replaced Tama, the previous cat station master, upon her death in 2015 at Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture.
  • The appointment of Nitama is expected to help bring peace and “brighten the world that’s been darkened by the coronavirus.”

A former “stationmaster cat”  in a rural Japanese town has recently been appointed “chief priest” of a shrine in Kinokawa in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture.

Nitama, who gained international attention for becoming a stationmaster cat at Kishi Station, was officially given her new role as chief priest of Tama Shrine by Wakayama Electric President Mitsunobu Kojima, reported SoraNews24.

Chef cat shares how to make ‘Squid Game’-inspired dalgona candy

dalgona candy made by cat

A “chef” cat, who goes by the Instagram handle @thatlittlepuff, showcases how to make the dalgona candy from Netflix’s “Squid Game” in a video going viral on social media.

Chef Cat’s dalgona candy: On Sept. 25, Puff, the chef cat, shared his tutorial on Instagram with the caption, “Been obsessive with this new Netflix series” along with a laughing emoji. 

Scottish Fold superstar Motimaru breaks world record for most views for a cat on YouTube with nearly 620 million views

Motimaru scottish fold cat Guinness World Record YouTube

Motimaru, a Scottish Fold male cat from Japan, is now a Guinness World Record holder for “Most views for a cat on YouTube” after reaching more than half a billion total views on his channel “motimaru’s diary.”

Establishing a record: Motimaru, or known by his millions of viewers as “Moti-sama,” was certified on Aug. 12 when the superstar cat’s channel hit a total of 619,586,260 views, according to Guinness World Records. Since then, the channel’s total views have already grown to 687,878,088.

Cat Makes History After Repatriation to the Philippines Amid Myanmar Political Turmoil

A cat owned by a Filipino migrant worker in Myanmar became the first pet to be repatriated to the Philippines when it joined the fifth government-funded repatriation flight amid the COVID-19 pandemic on May 29.

Plea for help: Karen Vinalay, an art director returning home due to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, initially failed to get permission from the Philippine Embassy in Yangon, to bring along her short-haired cat, Jon Snow White, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Cat Remains Surprisingly Calm During ‘How to Bathe a Baby’ Demo


A soon-to-be grandfather in Vietnam has gone viral for his wholesome method of teaching his son how to give a baby a bath by using a very calm cat.

The video, which was first posted on Facebook on Nov. 7 by Vinh Quang Phạm. It shows the Ông nội (grandfather) holding their family cat in his hands and explaining to his son that he must support the baby’s head while washing the body, according to Says.