‘Arsonist’ cat becomes viral star after burning down owner’s apartment

‘Arsonist’ cat becomes viral star after burning down owner’s apartment‘Arsonist’ cat becomes viral star after burning down owner’s apartment
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Ryan General
19 days ago
A cat in China has found viral fame after accidentally setting its owner’s home ablaze and causing thousands of dollars in damage.
Key points:
  • Jingoudiao the cat accidentally turned on an induction cooker while playing in the kitchen.
  • The ensuing fire burned down the entire ground floor of the owner’s apartment in Chengdu, Sichuan.
  • The cat’s owner turned the incident into a viral sensation on video-sharing platform Douyin.
The details:
  • The owner, Dandan, said she was out playing mahjong on April 4 when she received a call about the fire.
  • Firefighters found the cat, a British shorthair, unharmed but covered in ash. The flames reportedly caused 100,000 yuan ($13,800) in damages.
  • Dandan jokingly labeled her cat an “arsonist,” saying she will put her to “work” in livestreams to compensate for the damage.
  • She later wrote an apology letter, taking responsibility for not turning off the cooker’s power.
  • The story went viral on Chinese social media, generating over 8 million views from netizens who were mostly amused by the cat’s mishap.
  • Many commenters started creating memes out of Jingoudiao, while others shared similar stories of their pets’ actions.
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