TikToker accuses Taiwan’s China Airlines of neglecting her cat during ‘nightmare’ 38-hour ordeal

TikToker accuses Taiwan’s China Airlines of neglecting her cat during ‘nightmare’ 38-hour ordeal
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Bryan Ke
July 17, 2023
A cat owner recently shared her “nightmare” experience with Taiwan’s official carrier China Airlines and accused the airline of neglecting her pet.
About her TikTok post: TikToker Nina Galy (@ninadoesthemost) spoke about the purported incident in a video posted on July 6.
The TikToker was traveling with her cat, Baby Cat, from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Bali, Indonesia, with a layover in Taipei, Taiwan. Galy told Insider that she is planning on moving to Bali soon.
In her now-viral post, which has garnered over 17 million views, Galy says that she followed the protocols to ensure that her cat could also travel to Bali. She claims that the pet doctors who signed her cat’s paperwork exclusively for Bali and Indonesia made her pay almost $1,300 in travel expenses and certifications.
The start of her problems: The “nightmare” experience purportedly began at LAX after a manager informed her that her cat could only fly in a hard carrier and not in her plane’s cabin with her.
After her boarding pass was scanned, Galy was told that she could not step into the plane because she did not pay for her cat to travel. While attempting to pay at the gate, China Airlines allegedly charged her card “four times, three different amounts.” Galy told Insider that she does not know what the separate charges of $230, $90, $90 and $320 were for.
The incident continues: Galy shares in her video that right after arriving in Taiwan over 13 hours later, she was informed that her cat, who was sedated and unable to eat and relieve herself, could not come with her to Bali despite having a baggage tag on her carrier that read “Final Destination: Bali.”
A manager, whom Galy described to Insider as someone who had a “general lack of empathy,” allegedly informed her that the problem was caused by a “human error” at LAX. She was later forced to buy a return ticket to the U.S., which purportedly cost $1,800.
When she tried to reason with the manager in Taipei, she was purportedly told that “China Airlines does not owe you anything.”
What happened next: Galy eventually paid for her return ticket and was allegedly made to wait 13 hours for the next plane back to Los Angeles.
She also shared that she was not allowed to see her cat during that time, saying, “My cat had to remain in the basement for an additional 13 hours by herself, until our 12.5-hour flight back was ready to board. They said they covered her cage with a blanket, so she’s trapped in the dark, for what would be 25 hours, before boarding the return flight.”
The aftermath: Galy was eventually reunited with Baby Cat the next day. Although the cat appeared to be fine, Galy notes in an update video she posted on TikTok that Baby Cat “smells terrible” and “definitely peed in her cage and threw up.”
I felt like I had betrayed the trust that had taken me almost 10 years to build with my cat,” she told Insider about the 38-hour ordeal she and her cat went through.
Her next step: “I am pursuing legal action and am seeking an international lawyer to help solve this effectively,” Galy was quoted saying.
She also shared claimed that China Airlines’ corporate account saw her Instagram updates about the incident, but they have yet to reach out to her.

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