Watch: Cat in China crosses street every day to get noodles to eat with his kibble

Watch: Cat in China crosses street every day to get noodles to eat with his kibble
Bryan Ke
December 12, 2023
A cat is melting hearts on Chinese social media for his adorable daily habit of begging for noodles from a store across the street from his home to pair with his kibble.
What’s happening: A Douyin user has been uploading several clips of the cat called Popsicle to their channel since late November. In one of the videos, Popsicle can be seen walking to a store across the street, where the owner hands him a strand of noodles that he takes back home.
Upon returning home, Popsicle can be seen making a beeline toward his feeding bowl, where he places the noodles and begins eating his kibble.

What his owner said: Popsicle’s owner told Chinese media that he does it twice every day.
Noticing how much he loves their noodles, the store owners reportedly decided to give Popsicle some noodles every time he visits them. They also accompany him home sometimes, a Hong Kong outlet noted.
How people reacted: One Douyin user expressed concern over Popsicle’s habit of eating noodles with his dry food, writing in the most recent Douyin post’s comment section, “See, eating too many carbohydrates makes you gain weight.”
Another user praised the cat’s intelligence on how he “knows to fold [the noodles] in the middle and carry it away with [his] mouth.”
One Douyin user noticed how Popsicle seemed like he was hunting, writing in their comment, “Doesn’t it give you a feeling like it wants to take you hunting? So cute.”
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