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Boba Fans Face Massive Tapioca Shortage in US

The U.S. is seeing a massive shortage of boba — or bubble tea — as tapioca starch shipments from overseas are delayed due to the recent shipping disaster in the Suez Canal, among other reasons.

Tommy Huang, senior sales manager at Hayward’s Leadway International Inc., one of Northern California’s largest boba suppliers, predicted tapioca pearls would become a luxury “in the next week or so” due to the shortage, according to the SF Chronicles.

Sugary Drinks Cause Higher Risks of Cancer, According to New Study

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Bubble tea lovers who like high sugar levels might want to rethink their orders as a new study has found that the consumption of sugary drinks is linked to a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. 

The study, which appeared in the BMJ medical journal on Thursday, involved a survey of over 100,000 adults by a team of researchers in France. The researchers conducted the survey to evaluate the association between the consumption of sugary drinks and the risks of overall cancer, as well as specific types. 

Here’s the Best Time to Drink Boba and Avoid Weight Gain, According to a Dietitian

The irresistible bubble tea seems to be all the rage these days, so if you’re a self-diagnosed “bobaddict” with tendencies to consume the drink way more than most people would, it’s probably time to hear a word from health experts.

Meet Donna Chen, a popular dietitian from Taiwan whose expertise of more than 13 years include nutrition, food research and development, preventive healthcare and weight loss management, to name a few.

Boba Lover Spills $15 of Milk Tea, Chatime Comes to Her Rescue

There’s no greater tragedy to a bubble tea lover like Lindsay Lee than accidentally dropping her favorite beverage and watching helplessly as that sweet, sweet goodness spills to the ground.

So when she admittedly “messed up” earlier this month and dropped 20 Canadian Dollars ($15) worth of Chatime bubble tea during a commute, she decided to contact Chatime on social media.