Australian couple who bonded through boba marries in Gong Cha shop

Australian couple who bonded through boba marries in Gong Cha shop
Gong Cha Wedding
Ryan General
December 20, 2021
An Australia-based couple delighted social media users after sharing their recent wedding at a bubble tea shop in Brisbane on December 8th.
In a now-viral post in the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, a 25-year-old Singaporean man named Leonard Pang shared images of his wedding with his 22-year-old Australian wife Gina at a Gong Cha outlet in Brisbane. 
  • Leonard told NextShark that he met Gina in 2019 after moving to the same student accommodation in Brisbane where she was staying. 
  • “We met each other through events held by the student accommodation not long after moving in,” he narrated. “We started dating not long after, and I proposed to her in May this year.
  • According to Leonard, the Gong Cha outlet became a sentimental place for them where they’ve made many fond memories since he and Gina started dating.
  • “There were many times where we were just having an evening walk around South Bank, and we were just drawn into the store, because we could smell the boba every time we walked past,” Leonard shared. “I love getting the earl grey milk tea, and Gina’s favorite is the original pearl milk tea.”
Planning a bubble tea wedding: Their unique venue choice was made early in their planning process. They originally wanted a small, low-key wedding, as no one from Leonard’s family in Singapore could visit due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • “My parents do still expect a second reception in Singapore, which Gina and I both agree to, as we feel it’s only right for my family and friends back home to be able to celebrate with us someday,” Leonard added.
  • After getting permission from the store, the entire wedding went smoothly despite other customers continuing to buy bubble tea from the storefront during the ceremony.
  • “We didn’t feel obligated to do anything, and everyone just did what they wanted,” he revealed. “The dress code for the guests was casual or smart casual, so the whole thing was really relaxed.”
  • Leonard shared that their loved ones were more excited and happy the couple was even getting married, saying the venue choice was “just an icing on the cake.”
  • “A wedding should be about the celebration of two people coming together and deciding to be with each other forever,” the new husband said. “Everything else is secondary, so just do what you want.” 
  • The couple’s post on Subtle Asian Traits has gained thousands of reactions and hundreds of congratulatory comments.
In response to the positive feedback they received, the couple said they “are happy that it is about something wholesome and can bring positivity to people. We’d like people to be inspired; not to do exactly what we did, but to do whatever it is they want to do.”
Featured Image via Leonard Pang
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