Boba Lover Spills $15 of Milk Tea, Chatime Comes to Her Rescue

Boba Lover Spills $15 of Milk Tea, Chatime Comes to Her Rescue
Ryan General
March 22, 2019
There’s no greater tragedy to a bubble tea lover like Lindsay Lee than accidentally dropping her favorite beverage and watching helplessly as that sweet, sweet goodness spills to the ground.
So when she admittedly “messed up” earlier this month and dropped 20 Canadian Dollars ($15) worth of Chatime bubble tea during a commute, she decided to contact Chatime on social media.
Lee is, in fact, a loyal Chatime customer and even has an Elite card, which means she has purchased at least a hundred drinks.
She noted those important details in her Instagram DM to Chatime Canada, writing: “Hi, today I messed up and wasted $20 of Chatime. I’m a super loyal customer and even have my elite card, is there any way I could maybe get a free drink voucher or something 😭?”
Chatime responded in no time, asking for some relevant details.
After Lee explained that she spilled the three large bubble teas far from the store, Chatime immediately gave her details on how she can get her voucher.
Lee told NextShark that she does prefer Chatime over other bubble tea stores.
“I have messaged companies before in regards to warranty and getting replacements, but never a bubble tea franchise,” Lee said.
She then shared that the next time she buys bubble tea, she will “take precautions to not drop it again.”
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