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Like BTS’ Jungkook: Chinese trend sees some parents buying gear to mold their babies’ heads rounder

jungkook helmet infants chinese parents

Parents in China are using helmet-like products on infants to make their heads take a rounder shape amid the rise of a new beauty craze in the country. 

The cost of beauty: A popular belief that perfectly round heads look beautiful has led to the popularity of “head-correcting” helmets and other items that promise to help mold babies’ heads, reported Insider.

Glamnetic founder creates multimillion-dollar lash company for ‘more Asian female representation, empowerment’

The founder behind Glamnetic has opened up about how being bullied, changing her birth name to fit in, and dealing with the lack of Asian representation in the beauty industry led her to create a multimillion-dollar lash company.

Ann McFerran, 28, told Forbes that she “always felt self-conscious about her thin lashes” and often wondered why her eyes didn’t look like the “big blue eyes” of her Barbie dolls.

South Asia’s Most Popular Skin Lightening Product to Change Its Name Amid Backlash


Growing global support to the Black Lives Matter movement and continued discussions on race and skin color have prompted South Asia’s most popular skin-whitening cream by Unilever to change its name.

We’re committed to a skin care portfolio that’s inclusive of all skin tones, celebrating the diversity of beauty. That’s why we’re removing the words ‘fairness’, ‘whitening’ & ‘lightening’ from products, and changing the Fair & Lovely brand name.

Beauty Products CEO Goes on Racist Rant Over Vietnamese Nail Salons, Mocks Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese salons

A beauty entrepreneur has sparked outrage after referring to Vietnamese salons as the “biggest enemy” in the nail business, claiming that their practices do nothing but “destroy” the industry.

“I cannot support any partner that supports the Vietnamese,” said Larry Gaynor, who founded TNG Worldwide in 1985 and currently serves as its president and chief executive officer.

Her Family Came to America With $2,000, She Built a $500 Million Cosmetics Empire

the may lee show

This week on The May Lee Show, May talks to maverick entrepreneur Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics. Toni’s story of success truly represents the American Dream. Her family immigrated to the U.S. from Korea with only $2,000 and opened a budget beauty store. Toni struck out on her own at age 25 when she started NYX Cosmetics. In 2014, cosmetics giant L’Oreal bought NYX for a reported $500 million. In 2019, Toni was on the Forbes list of America’s top self-made women. But selling her company wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be and Toni knew what she had to do.


Asian Women Share Their Most Awful Beauty Service Moments

asian beauty

When someone goes into a salon to get their makeup, hair, eyelashes, or other services done, it’s only right they’re expecting to come out feeling pampered and glamorous. Unfortunately in a society where western beauty is idolized and considered the norm, Asian clients sometimes encounter stylists who aren’t as well-versed in our features, or even worse, are just downright ignorant.

Here are some cringe-worthy experiences: