Beauty Products CEO Goes on Racist Rant Over Vietnamese Nail Salons, Mocks Vietnamese Language

Beauty Products CEO Goes on Racist Rant Over Vietnamese Nail Salons, Mocks Vietnamese Language
Carl Samson
May 7, 2020
A beauty entrepreneur has sparked outrage after referring to Vietnamese salons as the “biggest enemy” in the nail business, claiming that their practices do nothing but “destroy” the industry.
“I cannot support any partner that supports the Vietnamese,” said Larry Gaynor, who founded TNG Worldwide in 1985 and currently serves as its president and chief executive officer.
TNG Worldwide Founder, President and CEO Larry Gaynor. Image Screenshot via Rose Velez-Miggins
Gaynor reportedly made his comments in a recent webinar for “Diamond Partners” — owners of beauty businesses awarded with benefits for their loyalty to TNG products.
In his tirade, the entrepreneur criticized Vietnamese salons for their sanitation, pricing, and “the way they talk,” in which he used a mock accent to convey his point.
“We’re in America, [so] talk English,” Gaynor said. “They sit and talk Vietnamese to each other. They go ‘Oh, here comes the client,’ [that’s] ‘Oh, here comes that b*tch, that b*tch client.’
“Give me a break. Who needs that crap? We want to be treated with respect.”
Gaynor pointed out that Diamond Partners are “exactly the kind of people we want,” since they are licensed professionals who understand quality and time spent.
“You did all the work, you did all the training, [so] you need to charge accordingly,” he added.
Image Screenshot via Rose Velez-Miggins
Gaynor then provided a list of Vietnamese brands Diamond Partners cannot use since they happen to be “toxic.” These include CND, OPI, Essie, Orly, DND, LeChat, and LaPalm.
“How can anyone sit in on that townhall and think this behavior is acceptable? I am DISGUSTED by his reference to the Gestapo, claiming the Vietnamese are the ‘enemy; in the nail industry, his mockery, and unsubstantiated and generalized claims that ‘their’ brands are toxic,” wrote Facebook user Rose Velez-Miggins, who shared a clip from the webinar.
“Meanwhile, Larry Gaynor, in his attempt to make nail techs think he is ‘pro’-American and supporting techs by alienating our Vietnamese peers, he is importing his products from China,” Velez-Miggins claimed. “How exactly is that supporting us/our economy?
“Please don’t be fooled by this racism and xenophobia. Today he is banning Vietnamese, tomorrow it could be another demographic.”
TNG’s signature brands include EMMA Beauty, ForPro Professional Collection, and Ginger Lily Farms. A Diamond Partner whose primary business is manicure-pedicure must use EMMA Beauty items, which can be supplemented with “proprietary products that you private label such as lotions, scrubs, butters or that you import from the U.K. or Europe,” as well as other brands that make products unavailable at TNG.
All licensed professionals in the beauty industry can apply to be Diamond Partners. Similar to manicure-pedicure businesses, they must use TNG products in whatever they offer, be it depilatory, hair, massage or a full range of services.
A screenshot of TNG’s guidelines for Diamond Partner applicants with manicure-pedicure as a primary business showing the list of banned Vietnamese brands. The word “Vietnamese” has been omitted as of this writing.
Unsurprisingly, Gaynor’s remarks drew outrage.
“OMG THAT’S HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S BLOODY RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!” one wrote on Facebook.
Another chimed in, “Unfreakin believable. Clearly hate doesn’t get sick. What a f*cking shame.”
“This is horrible. I just ordered a few hundred dollars of ForPro stuff and I’m going to send it back,” one noted.
Feature Image Screenshots via Rose Velez-Miggins
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