Japanese Magazine Challenges Readers to Spot the Cross-dresser in Pictures of Women

Japanese Magazine Challenges Readers to Spot the Cross-dresser in Pictures of Women
Bryan Ke
January 29, 2018
Kai Beauty Press, a beauty and cosmetic magazine from Japan, recently tested its readers’ ability to spot a cross-dresser hiding among 11 women.
Think you have what it takes to tell the difference?
As a reference, the person you are supposed to look for is Japanese actor and model, Tom Fujita, according to SoraNews24. Here’s a picture of him (below), and make sure you remember how he looks because you’re definitely going to need it.
Tom Fujita
Image via Instagram / tomfujita
Meanwhile, here’s the set of 12 pictures of women, where one of them is Fujita disguised as a woman.
Kai Beauty
Image screenshot via Kai Beauty Press
The beauty magazine provided three valuable hints to help you in identifying who Tom is in the picture above, it said that these three items were all used on him: a powder brush, an electric trimmer, and a heated eyelash curler.
For those who’d like to play the game, the report said that participants can follow the beauty magazine’s official Twitter page first and tweet the answer to it to become eligible in the draw. This event will reportedly last until February 14, and the winners will receive a 42-piece Kai beauty care kit.
Interestingly enough, many have suggested that Tom is #2, but personally, #7 seems a bit more likely. The basis I went with here is the nose-to-chin ratio, and #7 looks more identical to the picture of Tom used above.
Cross-dressing is not really that uncommon in Japan. In November last year, a social media post became viral when a man dressed up as a woman was blackmailed by his male friend into going out on a date after the latter found out it was him.
What about you? Who do you think is the cross-dresser in the set of pictures? Comment your answer below.
Featured image via Instagram / tomfujita (left), screenshot via Kai Beauty Press (right)
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