Chinese Women Reveal Cheap DIY Alternative to a $500 Dyson Hairstyler

Chinese Women Reveal Cheap DIY Alternative to a $500 Dyson Hairstyler
Ryan General
November 2, 2018
Some Chinese women are using a viral and simple DIY “hack” that replicates the effect of a $500-hairstyling tool with a regular hair dryer and a plastic bottle.
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A brand new curling styler from Dyson called the Airwrap uses its powerful motor to naturally pull hair together and “intelligent heat control” to give it some wavy curls.
Its website describes the technology behind it utilizing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the “Coanda effect.”  
“Air, when propelled at the right speed and pressure, naturally follows an adjacent surface, entraining surrounding air. The Dyson Airwrap™ styler creates a spinning vortex of air around the barrel that gently attracts, wraps and curls hair,” the product description on its website stated.
According to Mashable, the British tech company took six years of research and development to come up with such a sophisticated tool.
A complete set of the Airwrap, priced at $549.99, comes with brushes, a pre-styling dyer and other accessories.
With such a steep price tag, it is no surprise that some resourceful netizens decided to use DIY options to achieve the same curls and twirls the Airwrap offers.
Women have been posting videos on Chinese social media platforms to showcase their own version of the hairstyling tool using a plastic bottle and a conventional hair dryer.
One male stylist demonstrated making one by cutting off a portion of a water bottle to make a hole on the side for the hairdryer.
While the results are indeed pretty impressive, some have questioned how safe the homemade curler is as the plastic bottle can potentially burn from the dryer’s heat.
For those who are thinking of giving it a shot, do try it at your own risk.
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