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Mattel says skateboarder Barbie was supposed to be Asian, admits ‘falling short’ on representation

Mattel Skateboarder Barbie with tweet

Mattel has issued a statement regarding its alleged lack of an Asian doll in its Tokyo Olympics Barbie collection.

The backlash: The latest wave of criticism started after Barbie repromoted the five-doll collection on July 28. Social media users alleged that none of the toys looked “Asian,” despite the fact that the Games were in Tokyo and that Asians had been winning medals from day one.

Ad in China ‘Victim-Blames’ Woman in Makeup Being Followed By Masked Man

A company in China has pulled an advertisement for its makeup removal wipes after receiving backlash for allegedly promoting victim-blaming, CNN reports.

Controversial video: In the Purcotton advertisement, a masked man stalks a woman as she walks through a dark alley at night. The woman removes her makeup with wipes and faces her horrified would-be attacker, scaring him away.

Mahjong Set for the ‘Stylish Masses’ Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with a statement posted by the Mahjong Line on the company’s Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday. O&H Brand Design, which helped design the tiles, also released a separate statement saying they have since cut ties with The Mahjong Line.

The Mahjong Line, a company created by three women from Dallas, Texas, has stirred online controversy for its products that give Mahjong “a modern makeover as playable works of art.”

Footballer Diego Costa Pretends to Cough on Journalists During Coronavirus Scare

diego costa

Diego Costa, a Spanish footballer for Atletico Madrid, is being blasted online for fake coughing in front of journalists after a match with Liverpool amid the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The incident occurred on March 12 at the Anfield stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England where the 31-year-old striker walked through the mixed zone, an area reserved for players to speak to the media after a match, according to Daily Mail.