Benny Blanco faces Filipino fury after ‘disrespectful’ review of Jollibee

Benny Blanco faces Filipino fury after ‘disrespectful’ review of JollibeeBenny Blanco faces Filipino fury after ‘disrespectful’ review of Jollibee
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Michelle De Pacina
March 4, 2024
American record producer Benny Blanco faced backlash from Filipino netizens over a TikTok video where he criticized Jollibee after trying it for the first time.
Key details: In the video he posted on Friday and titled “my first time trying jollibee,” Blanco reviewed various Jollibee food items, expressing disappointment with the restaurant’s adobo rice, fried chicken and spaghetti. His comments and actions in the video, including spitting out the food, angered netizens, who deemed his behavior disrespectful.
Blanco’s Jollibee review: Before trying the fast food, Blanco reveals in the video that he grew up eating a “sh*t load” of Filipino food because his stepmother is from the Philippines.
Blanco first comments on the adobo rice, describing it “dry ass” and tasting “like butt.” He then gave the chain’s signature Chickenjoy his approval before dismissing it and saying, “Chicken’s not even that good. Gravy is fire, [but the] chicken is actually kinda soggy as f*ck.” The 35-year-old was not impressed by the spaghetti either, making gagging sounds and commenting, “This sh*t smells like f*cking vomit,” and spitting it out. He ends his review by saying, “Don’t go to Jollibee. This sh*t sucks.” 
The backlash: The video has since garnered over 5 million views, with many viewers expressing their disappointment and anger at Blanco’s disrespectful remarks about food preferences.
“It’s okay if Jollibee isn’t your thing, but there’s no need for disrespectful comments. Everyone has different tastes and preferences,” one user wrote.
“That’s crazy, I’m actually speechless. The disrespect is insane,” commented another.
“The audacity to spit perfectly good food while many don’t have any on their table,” added one netizen.
Criticism beyond food: Many viewers extended their criticism beyond Blanco’s food review, questioning what American singer and actress Selena Gomez sees in him as a romantic partner.
“Okay I don’t get it selena,” one said.
“Benny, your literal review about Jollibee is my literal review of you,” the top comment reads.
“Selena… I got questions..,” another wrote.
“Filipino food take 2”: Following the backlash, Blanco uploaded another Filipino food review video on the same day, this time offering a more favorable perspective on Filipino food. The new video featured Blanco trying “the highest rated” Filipino dishes in Los Angeles, including pancit, lumpia, longganisa and a personal recommendation by his friend: the Jollibee chicken sandwich. 
In the video, he expresses his enjoyment of the sandwich by dancing around, noting, “Not only is this sandwich so good but I completely reverse my opinion of how it sucked. You can go there just for this.” Blanco also mentions his stepmom Cora, praises her lumpia, and provides positive comments on other Filipino dishes like longganisa and grilled chicken. 
Viewers’ reactions: Many viewers perceived his second review as sarcasm or an attempt at redemption, with one suggesting that he eat balut (fertilized bird egg) or pagpag (leftover food scavenged from garbage sites) for forgiveness.
“He knew he needed to redeem himself lol,” one user said.
“We all know he’s being sarcastic,” another wrote.
“The damage has been done,” one added.
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