LA police union blasted for tweet that appears to paint Black men as transit crime perpetrators

LA police union blasted for tweet that appears to paint Black men as transit crime perpetrators
Ryan General
March 2, 2023
The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) labor union is facing online backlash for tweeting images that appear to imply Black perpetrators are victimizing transit lines passengers. 
The group, which represents over 9,000 sworn police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), posted a tweet on Friday to make the case that “defunding law enforcement” at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was harming public safety.
The tweet, which has since been deleted, read:

Listen to your riders! They keep telling you that if the trains, buses and stations are unsafe they will not ride. Defunding law enforcement at MTA was a big mistake in 2021. It’s critical to increase safety now to keep riders safe on our transit lines.

The tweet also reportedly featured photos that seemingly portrayed Asian men and lone young women as vulnerable riders and Black people as aggressors in transit crimes.
Twitter users called out the tweet for several misrepresentations, including the use of inaccurate images as well as the claim that the MTA was successfully defunded. 
As Streetsblog L.A.’s Sahra Sulaiman pointed out, the MTA had done the opposite by dropping its single-agency contract with the Sheriff’s Department (LASD) in 2017 and instead awarding a five-year multi-agency policing contract to LAPD, LASD and the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD). The multi-agency policing contract, which will run through the end of June, resulted in an additional $110 million in funding. 
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The original tweet was also mocked for featuring an image of Union Pacific tracks, which are not under Metro’s scope.
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Kenny Uong, a known transit enthusiast in L.A., expressed his dismay after seeing an image of himself talking to a tourist who needed help navigating the system as the post made it appear that a Black man was harassing him.
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Meanwhile, Asiyahola Sankara, the former Organizing and Outreach Program manager for Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles (ACT-LA), called out the misuse of an image showing commuters Scarlett De León and Terue Williams, the latter of whom she noted was shot by police.
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Following the immediate backlash, LAPPL deleted the original tweet before posting a screenshot of it shortly afterward with an apology. 
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The screenshot included the same images but with the original source captions. The group also posted a tweet that offered an apology for the “misunderstanding.”
However, both tweets were reportedly deleted within the next two hours.

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