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Marvel made an internal list of Asian stereotypes to destroy in ‘Shang-Chi’ film

shang-chi, marvel destroy stereotypes

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is setting out to undo the source material’s racist past by challenging its harmful Asian stereotypes.

Shang-Chi’s problematic origins: Created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin, the character of Shang-Chi was among Marvel Comics’ efforts in capitalizing on the Kung-Fu craze in the U.S. during the ‘70s.

London restaurant slammed for ‘offensive and tone-deaf’ ad amid rise of anti-Asian hate

screenshot from London restaurant ad

Social media users are not buying London restaurant The Ivy Asia’s apology over its “culturally insensitive” advertisement for its Chelsea branch that portrayed Asian stereotypes.

The controversy and apology: The commercial, released on Aug. 8, shows two women dressed as geishas hailing a rickshaw with its driver wearing a stereotypical East Asian outfit, according to My London.

Timeless Photos Squash Stereotype of Asian Americans as ‘Perpetual Foreigners’

Although one and a half centuries have passed since the first major wave of Asian immigrants arrived on U.S. shores, many Asian Americans continue to feel like strangers in their own homeland.

Despite the community’s invaluable contributions to get America to where it is today, the group as a whole is still overlooked. Even worse, it is blamed for the most pressing problem that besets the country and the rest of the world at present.

‘You know why Asian guys have small dicks?’ Leaked Louis C.K. Comedy Rant Mocks Asian Men

Comedian Louis C.K. sparked criticism for his stand-up routine in which he reportedly dissed survivors of the Parkland High School shooting in Florida, a tragedy which left 17 innocent people dead.

The 51-year-old comic, who went on a brief hiatus following multiple sexual misconduct accusations in 2017, is apparently back doing stand-up at comedy bars.

Japanese Women React to Foreign Stereotypes That They are ‘Subservient and Docile’

From “eating sushi on a daily basis” to “women falling easily to Western men,” Japanese citizens shared their perspectives on the common stereotypes the outside world has about their culture.

In a video produced by Asian-centric YouTube channel Asian Boss, vlogger Hiroko took to the streets of Tokyo to shed light on whether the stereotypes were accurate and how the Japanese people feel about them.