Satire website accused of racism for Vivek Ramaswamy ‘7-Eleven’ joke

Satire website accused of racism for Vivek Ramaswamy ‘7-Eleven’ joke
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The Indian American entrepreneur, for his part, appears to have shrugged off the controversy

January 17, 2024
Conservative satire website Babylon Bee has come under fire after it published a parody article about Vivek Ramaswamy being offered a position to run the Donald Trump “White House 7-Eleven.”
What it said: The Babylon Bee, which promises “fake news you can trust,” ran the article Tuesday after Ramaswamy announced his withdrawal from the Republican presidential race and endorsed Trump. It claimed that the former president — who emerged victorious in the Iowa caucuses — offered him an “olive branch” by promising him “a cabinet position running the White House 7-Eleven convenience store.”
Ramaswamy, a billionaire entrepreneur in real life, purportedly accepted the role and immediately began training for it.
“Technically, I’m really very overqualified for this,” the 38-year-old “told reporters,” according to the article. “And I’m a little suspicious as to why Trump chose me for this position over some of the other candidates. But I’ll take what I can get at this point.”
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What critics are saying: The satirical piece quickly took heat on X, with many accusing the Babylon Bee of perpetuating outdated stereotypes against Indian Americans. Top comments slammed the website for being “racist.”
“Finally, the Babylon Bee has discovered a new kind of joke: racism,” one user wrote.
“This is actually just racist,” another commented. “L post.”
One noted, “I like the Bee, but this was kind of in poor taste.”
“With Vivek out of their way, Whiteys are now back to their usual racism against brown immigrants,” another claimed.
“Um, I’m not woke, but that’s pretty racist,” another echoed. “Too far.”
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Doubling down: As of Wednesday noon, the Babylon Bee has kept the controversial post live despite some calls to take it down. Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann also doubled down on the supposed joke, commenting under their X post, “Too far, guys thank you come again.”
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Ramaswamy’s response: Ramaswamy, who is Indian American, appears to have taken notice of the situation. Responding to a commentary post by conservative firebrand Matt Walsh — who guaranteed that he is “not in the slightest bit offended” — Ramaswamy wrote that he is a “survivor,” followed by the emoji of a face with tears of joy, suggesting that he is, indeed, not offended.
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Some X users recognized him for being able to take the joke.
“You know you’ve made it when the Bee roasts you,” one wrote. “Congrats!”
“Took it like a champ,” another noted.
“Politicians need thick skin. Knew this wouldn’t be an issue to you,” another commented. “Glad you know how to have a sense of humor, brother.”
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