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San Diego officially apologizes for supporting Japanese American incarceration during WWII

Japanese American concentration camps
  • The San Diego City Council officially apologized to the Japanese American community and passed a resolution that rescinded Resolution 76068 on Tuesday.
  • “The Council of the City of San Diego apologizes to all people of Japanese ancestry for its past actions in support of the unjust exclusion, removal, and incarceration of Japanese Americas [sic] and residents of Japanese ancestry during World War II, and for its failure to support and defend the civil rights and civil liberties of these individuals during this period,” the apology read.
  • Resolution 76068, which ordered the FBI to forcibly remove residents of Japanese descent from the county and transfer them to the 10 concentration camps in the western part of the U.S., came into effect after then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order No. 9066 (E.O. 9066) on Feb. 19, 1942.
  • More than 120,000 Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from their homes and transferred to the concentration camps in the western U.S. and Arkansas weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Among those were 1,900 San Diego residents of Japanese descent.
  • “It is incredibly important that we identify the racist acts of the past and injustices of the past and address them head-on,” Council President Sean Elo-Rivera said. “We can acknowledge the wrong that the city committed.”

San Diego officially apologized and announced the revocation of a 1942 resolution that supported the incarceration of many Japanese Americans during World War II.

Council members on Tuesday acknowledged the city’s racist past when it imprisoned more than 1,900 San Diego County residents of Japanese descent in the concentration camps in the western United States and Arkansas during WWII.

UC San Diego will not fire pregnant postdoc from China who spoke out about data falsification pressure

  • Li Jiang, a pregnant postdoctoral scholar from China, reached a settlement with the University of California, San Diego, earlier this month to extend her contract for six more months.
  • Jiang, whose contract has been renewed multiple times at the university, nearly lost her job and her legal status in the U.S. after speaking out about data falsification in her lab earlier this year.
  • After her revelation about the irregularities in January, Jiang said her supervisor told her that her research appointment would not be extended again.
  • Her peers criticized the case, and the Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) filed a formal grievance on her behalf on July 15.
  • Under the settlement, Jiang will now be allowed to stay and continue her work at UC San Diego under a new supervisor and retain her health benefits for six more months.
  • While she is set to resign after the “bridge appointment,” this will at least ensure Jiang does not lose her legal status in the U.S. while she is pregnant.

A researcher who nearly lost her job of over four years at the University of California, San Diego, after speaking out about data falsification in her lab reached a settlement with the school earlier this month. 

Li Jiang is a pregnant postdoctoral scholar from China whose contract had been renewed multiple times at the university.

San Diego State University to create its first-ever Asian American studies department

san diego state
  • San Diego State University (SDSU) is making plans to develop its first Asian American studies department after California State Universities received funding to expand their ethnic studies curriculums.
  • As of 2022, SDSU only has about three courses related to Asian Pacific Islander Desi American studies, a demographic that makes up about 13% of the school’s population.
  • As part of the hiring process, five meet-and-greets were held with candidates for the department’s faculty, to which students were invited to join and voice their opinions.

San Diego State University (SDSU) is putting plans in motion to open its first Asian American studies department, which will offer new curriculums and majors for students.

SDSU will hire two professors who will be responsible for building the Asian American Studies department, reported The Daily Aztec.

San Diego woman fatally shot by law enforcement trying to evict her after she stabs officer

  • After receiving an eviction notice, San Diego resident Yan Li, 47, was fatally shot by law enforcement authorities in her Little Italy apartment on March 3.
  • Li allegedly stabbed a K-9 officer with a large chef’s knife, prompting deputies and another officer to shoot her.
  • The apartment’s manager and a maintenance worker reportedly accused Li of threatening them with a knife the day before.
  • A Los Angeles civil rights attorney questioned whether it was lawful for the authorities to enter Li’s apartment since the eviction notice was already served and they were not called to respond to an ongoing assault.
  • A San Diego police officer and three deputies with the Sheriff’s Department involved in the shooting have been put on administrative assignment pending investigation.

Warning: This article contains graphic video that some readers may find disturbing.

An Asian woman was fatally shot by San Diego authorities after an officer arrived at her apartment to serve her eviction notice on March 3.

San Diego names street after Asian American trailblazer ahead of his 95th birthday

Tom Hom Avenue
  • The San Diego City Council officially unveiled Honorary Tom Hom Avenue, named after the city’s first person of color elected to the City Council in 1963.
  • Hom, who will turn 95 on Tuesday, was born to immigrant parents and was the only Asian City Councilmember before Mayor Todd Gloria and Filipino American Councilmember Chris Cate were elected.
  • After serving his community, Hom turned to real estate and became the founding president of the Gaslamp Quarter Association in 1982.
  • Gloria also announced that Feb. 15, 2022 will officially be “Tom Hom Day” in San Diego.

San Diego City officials recently unveiled Honorary Tom Hom Avenue, a street named after the first person of color elected to the San Diego City Council. 

The unveiling ceremony, attended by several hundred people, including San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and members of the local Chinese community, was held on Saturday in the city’s Chinese Historic District ahead of Hom’s 95th birthday on Tuesday, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

‘Are you Chinese or Vietnamese?’: 81-year-old Asian man bruised, bloodied in San Diego attack

San Diego Anti-Asian Hate Crime

An elderly Asian man is recovering from what authorities believe was a targeted attack in Southeastern San Diego on Friday morning.

What happened: Mark Sonouvong, 81, was on his usual morning walk at around 10 a.m. when a man allegedly approached him and asked about his ethnicity. Sonouvong refused to answer and was subsequently assaulted, according to a family member.

Man who opened fire into a San Diego Asian restaurant pleads guilty to assault charges

The Asian Bistro shooter

The man who opened fire into an Asian restaurant in Hillcrest, San Diego, with a semiautomatic rifle in 2019 pleaded guilty on Thursday.

Going to prison: Stefano Parker, 32, pleaded guilty to five charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm for the incident that took place outside The Asian Bistro on University Avenue in February 2019, according to NBC San Diego.

San Diego College Students Launch Free Ride Service for Asian Women and Elderly

san diego

Asian women and seniors that fear taking public transportation are now able to get rides reimbursed in San Diego, thanks to a donation-based service started by two college students. 

Last week, co-founders Sydney Trieu and Paul Lim launched San Diego Cabbie, an initiative that covers up to a $30 rideshare fare for Asian women and elderly who might not feel safe walking alone or taking public transportation, CBS8 reported.

Man Forced to Get Leg Amputated After Injuries From Hit-And-Run in San Diego

Tu Hoang Lam

Tu Hoang Lam lost his right leg after undergoing multiple surgeries to treat the injuries resulting from a hit-and-run incident in San Diego on March 7.

Lam was buckling his 6-year-old child into his car in a Food For Less parking lot when a man driving an SUV slammed into him. The 47-year-old father was pinned to his car for 10 seconds before the driver sped off as witnesses started to gather.