Asian Family Films, Laughs at Unmasked Racist Woman Harassing Them in La Jolla

Asian Family Films, Laughs at Unmasked Racist Woman Harassing Them in La Jolla

November 6, 2020
A woman walking her dog was captured on film racially harassing an Asian American family along Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla in San Diego.
Racial profiling: Jane Woo, her husband and their 1-year-old daughter were on their way to the beach on Thursday when they crossed paths with the woman, reported NBC7.
  • Suddenly, the woman stopped them and berated them with racist insults.
  • According to Woo, the woman approached her husband, and whispered in his ear: “Why do Muslims behead white people and not Chinese people?”
  • For some reason, the woman became more incensed after her husband said to “just ignore her.”
  • The woman, who was not wearing a mask, then proceeded to block the family’s path and asked them racist questions repeatedly.
  • Woo started recording the video as the woman kept following them.
Unusual behavior: Woo said they found the woman’s behavior so ridiculous that they ended up laughing at her, irking the woman even more.
  • “You think being beheaded is funny? You think murder based on race and ethnicity is funny?” the woman can be heard saying.
  • In response, Woo’s husband said, “No, I think you’re coming up to me very closely.”
  • “I think that’s called a crime on humanity!” the woman answered back.
  • Woo attributed the bizarre exchange to ignorance on the part of the woman.
  • “She made a direct target toward my husband, who also has black hair and looks very distinctly Asian, and to assume that all Muslims, that in itself is also hateful rhetoric, right?” Woo said. “It was just very ignorant.”
  • The incident is the second time Woo was racially profiled in San Diego County in the past two weeks. She says she is concerned about her safety.
  • Woo was heartbroken over the incident and has since reported the incident to the Asian Americans Advancing Justice organization.
Feature Image via NBC SanDiego
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