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Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Pushed Back From February Because of COVID-19

super nintendo world

Universal Studios Japan will push the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at a much later date as the country announced its second state of emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement came on Thursday as Osaka Prefecture saw a spike of new COVID-19 cases. The Japanese government issued an “emergency declaration” as a response, according to Universal Studios Japan via Polygon.

Nintendo ‘Laughed Their Asses Off’ at Microsoft’s Offer to Buy Them 20 Years Ago


Microsoft once tried to buy Nintendo and it didn’t go quite as planned, a recent Bloomberg feature on the creation of the original Xbox revealed.  

Not taken seriously: Microsoft’s former third-party relations director, Kevin Bachus, shared that the Japanese video game giant reportedly “just laughed their asses off” when Microsoft made the offer 20 years ago.

Nintendo Seemingly Gave Luigi a ‘Bulge’ and the Internet is Breaking

The internet doesn’t seem to be able to handle Nintendo’s commitment to detail; first it was Mario’s nipples in a speed run mode in “Super Mario Odyssey,” and now it’s Luigi’s bulge in “Mario Tennis Aces”.

Luigi’s clothed salami was revealed in Nintendo’s latest released screenshot of the sidekick brother wearing tight tennis shorts, according to The Daily Dot.