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24-karat gold Nintendo Wii meant for Queen Elizabeth put up for auction

gold wii
  • Donny Fillerup, a Dutch collector and the owner of a console variation online database, has opened bidding on a 24-karat gold-plated Nintendo Wii on Goldin Auctions.
  • The custom-made console, developed by defunct American video game publisher THQ, was originally destined for Queen Elizabeth II in 2009 for a publicity stunt; however, it was never received by Buckingham Palace due to a strict royal gift policy.
  • The highest bid is currently at $2,200 as of this writing.
  • The bidding closes on May 22.

A 24-karat gold-plated Nintendo Wii that was originally destined for Queen Elizabeth II is currently up for sale.

Donny Fillerup, the current owner of the game console, is auctioning the Nintendo Wii that was developed by THQ, an American video game publisher that went bankrupt in 2012. 

TikToker rescues ‘abandoned’ Nintendogs after finding game cartridge on London train


After discovering a lost “Nintendogs” game cartridge on a London train, a TikTok user shared a series of videos detailing his journey of rescuing the “abandoned” virtual puppies.

The TikTok user, @bennypvideo, shared a video last Thursday of him finding the lost game cartridge on the train. The “Nintendogs” cartridge can be seen laying on the floor beneath the train seats before it is picked up by the TikToker and taken home to test on his Nintendo DS.

Japanese Kirby superfan flexes her massive collection of plushies

kirby fan
  • A Kirby superfan who goes by @0418_kirby_ on Twitter shared their impressive collection of hundreds of Kirby products that took about five years to grow.
  • Kirby recently became the second video game series to win a Grammy for Best Arrangement.

A Kirby superfan took to social media to share their passion for their favorite Nintendo character by showing off their massive collection of merchandise.

Kirby is a pink puffball infamous for his abundant appetite and cuteness. Fans first fell in love with Kirby from the Game Boy video game “Kirby’s Dreamland” in 1992. The character has been featured in over 23 games since, including the “Super Smash Bros.” video game series.  

Photos: Nintendo’s former 1930s headquarters in Kyoto reopens as luxury hotel

Nintendo headquarters hotel
  • Nintendo’s former card company headquarters in Kyoto has opened as the newly renovated hotel Marufukuro..
  • The hotel is composed of three buildings and 18 rooms, including seven suites, a lounge, a library and a full-service restaurant.
  • The hotel has a mixture of both preserved historic elements from the headquarters and modern amenities.
  • Marufukuro pays homage to Nintendo’s origins as a hanafuda card game company and even displays old Nintendo gaming systems.
  • Room prices range from $800 for standard accommodations to $1,800 for suite options.

The historical site of Nintendo’s former headquarters in Kyoto has been renovated into the Marufukuro hotel and is available for bookings starting this Friday. 

“The hotel’s three buildings combine their original personality with a breath of fresh air, featuring 18 expressive rooms, including seven suites,” reads the hotel’s official site. The site also highlights the “classic, refined charm of the Nintendo headquarters building and the Tadao Ando-designed annex, ​with its natural light pouring into open spaces.”

New ‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ English trailer reveals rideable Pokémon, real-time battles

Nintendo Pokemon Legend Arceus Trailer
  • “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” dropped an English-language trailer for its upcoming Nintendo Switch release on Jan. 28.
  • The trailer reveals a Hisui region setting featuring new Pokémon you can catch in real-time.

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game of the new year “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” dropped its latest trailer in English.

The trailer, which was uploaded on Jan. 10, reveals a new adventure across the “sprawling landscapes” of the fictional Hisui region, the ancient name for Sinnoh, where Pokémons “roam free, unbound by human connection.” 

Japanese gamers place ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ at No. 1 on top 100 video games of all time list

Breath of the Wild Video Game

Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was named by Japanese citizens as the best video game of all time, beating classics such as Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy VII.”

The best video game: The Nintendo Switch and Wii U title, released on March 3, 2017, topped the nationwide TV network poll by TV Asahi, which had 50,000 voters in total. 

Nintendo’s Masayuki Uemura, creator of the NES and SNES, dies at 78

masayaki uemura

Masayuki Uemura, the lead architect behind the creation of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the accompanying Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) passed away at the age of 78 on Dec. 6.

Revolutionary: Uemura pioneered two consoles that would contribute to the revival of a declining home video game industry, and it all started from what he thought was a joke from his boss.

Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Pushed Back From February Because of COVID-19

super nintendo world

Universal Studios Japan will push the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at a much later date as the country announced its second state of emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement came on Thursday as Osaka Prefecture saw a spike of new COVID-19 cases. The Japanese government issued an “emergency declaration” as a response, according to Universal Studios Japan via Polygon.

Nintendo ‘Laughed Their Asses Off’ at Microsoft’s Offer to Buy Them 20 Years Ago


Microsoft once tried to buy Nintendo and it didn’t go quite as planned, a recent Bloomberg feature on the creation of the original Xbox revealed.  

Not taken seriously: Microsoft’s former third-party relations director, Kevin Bachus, shared that the Japanese video game giant reportedly “just laughed their asses off” when Microsoft made the offer 20 years ago.