Small change discovered in latest ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie’ trailer excites fans

Small change discovered in latest ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie’ trailer excites fansSmall change discovered in latest ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie’ trailer excites fans
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The latest “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” trailer is creating some buzz online for a small yet significant change in how Mario performs his iconic “wahoo” shout.
The change appears to be in response to fans who have taken issue with actor Chris Pratt’s previous delivery of the “wahoo” line, which is shown at the end of the trailers as the character races down Rainbow Road.

Pratt’s delivery in earlier iterations had some fans expressing concern online that the actor was unable to capture Mario’s enthusiasm. 
“Lol literally everything but Chris Pratt is perfect,” one user wrote.
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“Chris Pratt in the studio warming himself up to record the most flaccid ‘wahoo’ of all time,” another tweeted, along with an image of Mario.
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Video clips comparing how the line is delivered in different languages have been circulating online, with fans preferring the versions of French, German and Italian voice actors over Pratt’s. 
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With the new ad replacing the delivery with more energy, fans have come out to appreciate the change. 
“They changed Mario’s “WAHOO” in the latest Super Bros. Movie trailer–and it’s way better!” one cheered on Twitter.
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“They used a seemingly final take on the “wahoo” in this new ad and it actually sounds pretty decent ngl,” a user shared.
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“Okay, you gotta admit this wahoo take they used here is a thousand times better than from the second trailer,” another tweeted. “Each day I continue to warm up to the idea of Chris Pratt as Mario.”
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It is unclear whether Pratt was brought back in to re-record some of his lines or if Nintendo and Illumination simply chose to use another take.
Pratt’s casting as the renowned plumber drew initial backlash from fans of the popular video game franchise, but the release of the first trailers appears to have dampened the criticisms. 
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Based on social media feedback, the upcoming film’s colorful aesthetics and seemingly accurate depiction of the beloved characters have apparently won over many longtime Mario fans. 

The film’s Super Bowl spot also earned praise online for featuring the catchy rap tune from the ‘90s “Super Mario Super Show” in a mock ad for Mario and Luigi’s plumbing company. Even Pratt’s take on Mario has gained some support on social media, with some fans starting to embrace his delivery of the character’s one-liners. 
“The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” which has a brisk runtime of just over 92 minutes, is set to be released on the big screen on April 6.
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