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McDonald’s ​​Szechuan Sauce is coming back for only the fourth time ever

McD sauce
  • McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, which was first released over 20 years ago as a part of its promotion for the 1998 Disney animated film “Mulan,” will be back beginning March 31 for only the fourth time ever, with limited availability.
  • The sauce will be available exclusively on the McDonald’s app as one of the sauce options to accompany any orders of Chicken McNuggets.
  • The fast food company also brought the product back in 2017 after an episode of Cartoon Network's “Rick & Morty” featured the sauce during Rick’s time-travel to a McDonald's in 1998. The reference drove many fans of the show to petition the chain to bring it back, which McDonald’s did for a single day in the U.S. on Oct. 7 that year.
  • The viral popularity of the Szechuan Sauce also drove McDonald’s to bring it back on Feb. 26, 2018 with 20 million packets across U.S. restaurants.

McDonald’s is bringing back its ​​Szechuan Sauce, which was first released over 20 years ago as a part of their promotion for the 1998 Disney animated film “Mulan.”

McDonald’s first hinted at the news on their official Twitter account on March 19 with an image that reads, “Sauce Drop,” above the phone number 707-932-4826, which subtly spells out 70S-ZEC-HUAN.

15 Ways The New ‘Mulan’ Brought Everyone Great Shame


After months of excited anticipation, audiences around the world were presented with a live-action version of “Mulan” that brought more disappointment than anything else.

Setting aside actress Liu Yifei’s controversial support for the Hong Kong police, Disney thanking organizations tied to Uyghur labor camps in the credits, and the $30 price tag to stream it at home while excluding Chinese subtitles, the remake of the beloved classic was filled with ancient Chinese stereotypes seen from Western perspectives.

‘Mulan’ Sparks More Outrage for Thanking Chinese Groups Linked to Uyghur Detention Camps in Credits

Calls to boycott “Mulan” have grown louder this week as people discovered that Disney had filmed the live-action remake in China’s Xinjiang autonomous region, where over a million Uyghurs are believed to have been detained.

The discovery emerged in the film’s final credits, which thanked government entities such as the publicity department of CPC Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee and the public security bureau in Turpan (a prefecture-level city southeast of Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital).

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ is ‘Fresh’ on Rotten Tomatoes, Here’s What Critics Are Saying


The much-awaited live-action adaptation of Disney’s “Mulan” is finally out, receiving a “fresh” 78% rating on the review aggregation website for films and television, Rotten Tomatoes.

Positive reviews: The film, directed by Niki Caro and stars Liu Yifei as the titular character, received positive reviews from many movie critics, Boston reported.