Asian American mom suspects Princess Peach led to her sons’ belief that blondes are ‘prettier’

Asian American mom suspects Princess Peach led to her sons’ belief that blondes are ‘prettier’
Carl Samson
May 4, 2023
A Chinese American mother has called for more Asian representation in entertainment after her two young sons revealed that they want to marry “someone with blonde hair.”
In a now-viral TikTok, Alyce Chan, a stand-up comedian based in New York City, shared the conversation she had with her little boys, who made their preference known while teasing each other.
“I have mixed kids, half Asian and the other half is European Persian. But half Asian,” Chan begins. “And my boys were teasing each other and they were like, ‘Oh, who you gonna marry? Who you gonna marry?’ And they both said, ‘We want to marry someone with blonde hair.'”
Curious, Chan says she asked them: “Why blonde hair?”
“Because they’re prettier,” the boys replied. “People with blonde hair are prettier.’”
Chan then says she questioned whether they would consider someone who looks Asian or has dark features. 
However, the boys remained firm in their stance.
“They’re not that pretty. Blonde hair is better,” they said.
In a final attempt to clarify her kids’ preference, Chan jokingly made an example out of herself.
“I said, ‘But daddy married a Chinese person, me,’” Chan explains. “And then I said, ‘Daddy thinks I’m pretty. He really does.’”
“And they said, ‘Yeah, but all dads think their wives are pretty. But to us, you’re not.’”
Chan says she was not offended at all by her children’s words. Instead, she was puzzled at how they came to conclude that “blonde is better.”
Chan suspects that her sons’ opinion may have been influenced by “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” which stars the blonde Princess Peach — voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy. 
Apparently, their family had just seen the blockbuster film, which portrayed antagonist Bowser as desperately wanting to marry Princess Peach. 
She also notes that it could also be “some girl in class that I don’t know about.”
“I really, definitely think that there should be more shows that represent dark hair women, dark hair boys, Asian features, Asian characters,” Chan says. “I was shocked.”
Chan says she plans to show the boys “Mulan” in the future. “Maybe their opinions may change,” she adds.
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