China Announces It’s Making New ‘Fight Mulan’ Film After Disney’s Flop

China Announces It’s Making New ‘Fight Mulan’ Film After Disney’s Flop
Ryan General
December 17, 2020
A new Mulan film is currently in the works in China and it’s already getting fans excited online.
Battle ready: The movie, titled “Fight Mulan” (战斗吧木兰), features Chinese actress Yang Ning playing the iconic female warrior, reports Mothership
  • “Fight Mulan” started filming on Aug. 31 and is scheduled for release on Oct. 5, 2021.
  • Not much else is known about the movie but it already has fans talking after a poster and stills from the film emerged on social media.
  • Many users expressed hope that the upcoming film would do the character and her story better justice than the most recent release from Disney.
  • Others pointed to another Chinese-made Mulan film released in 2009, which starred popular actress Zhao Wei.
Disney’s flop: Made with a $200 million budget, the live-action version Disney released in September failed to connect with the global audience, barely making $67 million worldwide.
  • In China, where the film made over $40 million, it was heavily criticized for its acting, plot and inaccuracies.  
  • The film was at least a success for Disney+, which attracted new subscribers, with some 100,000 people paying an additional $30 to access the film.
  • A Chinese-made animated film about Mulan titled “Kung Fu Mulan” also failed to impress viewers in China and was pulled from theaters just three days after release, as NextShark previously reported.
Feature Image via Channel Fight and Lady Metro
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