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Chocolate shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown teaches employees kung fu to combat crime

  • Mindy Fong, the owner of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Cafe in San Francisco’s Chinatown, has been offering her employees lessons in kung fu since March to help them combat theft and crime in the neighborhood.
  • Fong was worried about the increase in crime and anti-Asian hate in Chinatown after the COVID-19 pandemic started.
  • She believes the kung fu lessons can prepare her employees for situations that would call for self-defense.

The owner of a chocolate shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown has been offering her employees kung fu lessons after work to help them combat theft and crime in the neighborhood.

Mindy Fong, the owner of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Cafe, closed her shop at around 5 p.m. on a weekday in March to hold the first of many kung fu classes for her employees following the rise of reported robberies in the neighborhood.

‘Kung Fu’ star Olivia Liang and showrunner Christina Kim talk reclaiming Asian stereotypes and martial arts

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  • Christina Kim, the showrunner of The CW’s “Kung Fu,” and Olivia Liang, who plays Nicky Shen in the action drama, spoke with NextShark about Asian representation, martial arts and reinterpreting the 1972 American drama of the same name in modern day.
  • The original “Kung Fu” series starred white actor David Carradine in the lead role as a biracial Chinese Shaolin monk.
  • Each character in “Kung Fu” was carefully developed to have rich, full stories and multidimensional personalities to bridge cultural divides, according to Kim and Liang.
  • “I think we are reclaiming those stereotypes, but we are more than the stereotypes now,” Liang said. “We have so many more sides and personalities.”
  • The actress and producer also revealed details about new characters and villains to look out for in tonight's Season 2 premiere.

“Kung Fu” star Olivia Liang and showrunner Christina Kim spoke with NextShark about reinterpreting the 1972 American drama of the same title to inspire a modern-day take on martial arts and Asian representation.

The CW’s rebooted “Kung Fu” series is one of the few American dramas to feature a predominantly Asian American cast. The series follows Chinese American Nicky Shen, played by Liang, as she returns from a Chinese monastery to reunite with her family at home in a corrupt San Francisco. 

Donnie Yen’s vow to Bruce Lee over 25 years ago: ‘I won’t let him down’

Donnie Yen films
  • Hong Kong martial artist Donnie Yen Ji-dan, 58, said in a 1995 interview that he “will not let Bruce Lee down.”
  • “I think he was a great kung fu fighter with unsurpassed skills,” Yen said. “I also respect his wisdom and foresight. If his spirit is watching now, I won’t let him down.”
  • Yen’s acting career started after he was cast in the 1984 film “Drunken Tai Chi.” He was later cast in the 1985 romantic comedy “Mismatched Couples,” which almost jeopardized his future in the film industry.
  • The film “Legend of the Wolf” marked his directorial debut in 1997. He admitted in an interview that he was struggling at the time and only had 100 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $12.80) to his name.
  • Yen achieved international fame after being cast in the starring role of “Ip Man,” the 2008 biographical martial arts film based on the life of Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun teacher.

Before becoming a well-known actor, Donnie Yen faced several ups and downs while working in the film industry throughout the decades, including taking on a romantic comedy role that almost jeopardized his career.

Yen, whose full name is Donnie Yen Ji-dan, landed his first acting role in the 1984 movie “Drunken Tai Chi” after the brother of one of his mother’s students asked him to go to a casting call, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

‘Awaken Your Hero Challenge’ on TikTok Has Everyone Bringing Back Kung Fu Culture

“LAST NIGHT I DREAMT OF A KUNG FU MASTER…” booms a voiceover-ready narrator over Kodak Black’s ZEZE. So starts the social meme catching fire across TikTok and Instagram Reels, where martial arts and kung fu has once again been thrown into pop culture.

The roughly two-minute meme, called #AwakenYourHero Challenge, is made of two shots. In the first, the creator awakens from a sleep state, having presumably dreamt of a kung fu master. With a quick cut, the creator breaks into serious martial arts moves.

Martial Arts Master With Balls of Steel Preserves Ancient Technique of ‘Iron Crotch Kung Fu’

Iron Crotch Kung Fu

A martial arts master from Juntun village in central China is hoping to preserve their ancient technique of “iron crotch kung fu,” where practitioners get their scrotum hit by logs to train their weak spots.

The style, one of the branches of Tongbeiquan kung fu, has been practiced in the village for 300 years, according to 65-year-old Wang, the head of the Juntun Martial Arts Academy, Reuters reported.

Actress Olivia Liang to Lead the New ‘Kung Fu’ Series

olivia liang

“Legacies” star Olivia Liang has landed the starring role in the reboot of the 1970s hit TV show “Kung Fu.”

Inspired by the show created by Ed Spielman, the reboot will be penned by television writer Christina M. Kim (“Lost,” “NCIS Los Angeles”). With Liang as the female lead, the new show from the CW promises an exciting new take on the original series, reported Deadline

Kung Fu Practitioner Defies Gravity By ‘Jumping’ On Air and Water

A 28-year-old kung fu practitioner who can “jump on water” has impressed millions of viewers online in China.

Zhang Chengqiang, who hails from Chongqing province in southwestern China, went viral on local social media for his gravity-defying feats of athleticism. A video capturing his unique skills shows him hopping then appearing to step on water while still floating in the air.