Kung Fu Practitioner Defies Gravity By ‘Jumping’ On Air and Water

Kung Fu Practitioner Defies Gravity By ‘Jumping’ On Air and Water
Ryan General
December 10, 2019
A 28-year-old kung fu practitioner who can “jump on water” has impressed millions of viewers online in China.
Zhang Chengqiang, who hails from Chongqing province in southwestern China, went viral on local social media for his gravity-defying feats of athleticism. A video capturing his unique skills shows him hopping then appearing to step on water while still floating in the air.
In this widely shared clip, he is shown suspending himself in mid-air far longer than the average person would be able to. He can also jump higher than his own height.
Chengqiang has reportedly been training in kung fu for 18 years, reports South China Morning Post. According to Chengqiang, aside from being a “kung fu expert,” he is also very skilled at jumping so he decided to combine the two skills to perform a variety of unique jumping tricks.
“It took several attempts but I made it,” he shared.
When asked how he performs the illusions, Chengqiang revealed that it takes immense core strength to create a powerful leap as well as quickness in pulling the legs right back up to create the “step on water” illusion.
Another one of his specialty tricks is jumping through his arms as if they were skipping ropes. He is also quite skillful in keeping his arms busy with a variety of props while jumping around.
Due to the growing number of people copying his work online, Chengqiang has warned the public against trying his stunts without ample preparation. He further emphasized that his moves might not necessarily work for others as he carefully studied and practiced each of them diligently.
Featured image via South China Morning Post
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