Kung Fu ‘Master’ Eye-Pokes MMA Fighter While Shaking Hands After Humiliating Defeat

Kung Fu ‘Master’ Eye-Pokes MMA Fighter While Shaking Hands After Humiliating Defeat
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
June 7, 2019
After getting knocked down three times, a kung fu “master” hit back at his kickboxing opponent with an eye poke while shaking hands.
Wu Liang, who practices the traditional martial art of Xingyi (or Xing Yi Quan), challenged Zhang Wensheng, who fights for Glory Kickboxing, to a match at a gym in Shenzhen, China last month.
In a now-viral video, professional Zhang is seen knocking down “Master” Wu seconds into the fight — a sight becoming more common these days.
After receiving a kick to the head, Wu gets up only to take another fall, this time with a right hand.
Wu falls for the second time after receiving a punch.
The Xingyi fighter rises to his feet one more time, but it did not take long before Zhang brings him back to the ground with an uppercut.
Another fighter, who acted as the referee, signal both to shake hands to declare Zhang as the winner.
Wu drops for the third time after getting an uppercut.
However, in an embarrassing moment of defeat, Wu transforms as someone coming straight out of the WWE to sucker “punch” Zhang with an eye poke.
The MMA fighter, who was clearly enraged at the cheap shot, tries to retaliate, but eventually walks away and leaves the sore loser on the ring.
Wu eye-pokes Zhang in a cheap shot during a handshake.
Zhang sustained minor injuries over Wu’s pathetic move, including a swollen left eyelid and a cut on the bridge of the nose.
It’s unclear what happened to Wu after.
A fighter acting as the referee tries to separate Zhang and Wu.
Wu’s tantrum, which was shared by YouTube channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns, has received thousands of views since its posting.
Netizens slammed his cheap shot:
This is not the first time a professional MMA fighter has taken down a traditional kung fu “master.” A popular example is fighter Xu Xiaodong, also known as “Mad Dog,” who has vowed to expose those who practice “fake kung fu,” often to humiliating ends.
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