KBBQ, hot pot, dim sum or sushi? Asian celebs choose which one dish they’d save

KBBQ, hot pot, dim sum or sushi? Asian celebs choose which one dish they’d save

What started as a meme on Subtle Asian Traits made its way to the red carpet of the Asian American Awards on Dec. 17

December 23, 2022
NextShark asked stars at the 20th Unforgettable Gala in Beverly Hills, California, to choose one dish to save and three to eliminate for the rest of their lives from sushi, hot pot, KBBQ or dim sum.
Here is how they responded:

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock
Bretman Rock. Via Character Media/Daniel Byun
An honoree of the gala, social media influencer and content creator Rock was the recipient of the Digital Influencer Award.
“This is so problematic. You know I could get canceled over this? Oh my god, I’m going to get canceled for this. It doesn’t even matter what I answer. I would say dim sum…is that the most popular answer?” 

Sherry Cola

Sherry Cola
Sherry Cola (left) and Harry Shum Jr. (right). Via Character Media/Steven Lam
Comedian, “Good Trouble” actor and host of last year’s gala, Sherry Cola said: “I think I’m saving hot pot. Nothing more I love than some bamboo, some lamb … oooh with the satay sauce, oooh …”

Eugene Cordero

Eugene Cordero
Eugene Cordero. Via Character Media/Sthanlee Mirador
Actor, comedian and first Filipino to host the gala Eugene Cordero said: “One of these has to go forever? Uhh … only one? OK. I’m going to keep dim sum.” 

Dallas Liu

Dallas Liu
Dallas Liu. Via Character Media
Cast to play Zuko in Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” Dallas Liu chose hot pot. 

Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider. Via Netflix
“Bling Empire” star Kevin Kreider said: “Save one? Sushi. Aghh … that’s the only one?!” 

Kelly Mi Li

Kelly Mi Li
Kane (left), Kelly (center) and Kim (right). Via NextShark
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Fellow “Bling Empire” star Kelly Mi Li didn’t even need to hear the other options before immediately choosing hot pot. 

Hudson Yang

Hudson Yang
Hudson Yang. Via Character Media
“Fresh Off the Boat” star Hudson Yang answered just as quickly, choosing sushi.

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee (left) and Eugene Cordero (right). Via Character Media/Joee Wong
“Quantum Leap” star Raymond Lee answered: “Saving means that it needs to be kept so hot pot.”

Desmond Chiam

Raymond Lee
Desmond Chiam. Via Character Media
“Partner Track” star Desmond Chiam said: “Dim sum. It’s gotta be dim sum.”

Rich Ting

Rich Ting
Rich Ting. Via CBS Los Angeles
Desmond’s “Partner Track” co-star Rich Ting answered KBBQ.

Rosalie Chiang

Rosalie Chiang
Rosalie Chiang (left) and Simu Liu (right). Via Character Media
Rosalie Chiang of “Turning Red” contemplated three options the most before ultimately choosing sushi: “Hot pot is something that brings my family together. KBBQ is something that brings my friends together. But sushi has been my favorite food since I was 7.” 

Steven Lim

Steven Lim
Steven Lim. Via Watcher
Food content creator Steven Lim gave a thoughtful answer: “Sorry guys, it’s sushi. I could eat that everyday. You get variety with dim sum so I can see that as my second. KBBQ, lots of other cultures have similar things to KBBQ, so that’s in last place for sure. Hot pot, I’m down for, that’s my Thanksgiving meal, but it’s sushi all day. 

The cast of “Kung Fu

Kung Fu
From left to right: Shannon Dang, Ben Levin, Olivia Liang, Eddie Liu. Via Character Media/Sthanlee Mirador
The “Kung Fu” cast members argued with one another.
Shannon: “Hot pot.”
Olivia: “Sushi.”
Eddie: “Hot pot goes because it’s a bit unhygienic for me. Saving one? This is a ridiculous question.   
Shannon: “It’s messed up.”
Ben: “Sushi. Sushi for Ben Levin.”
Shannon: I keep sushi, and hot pot has to go — no, I keep hot pot, and uhh — Oh no! Nevermind. I’m not answering this question.
Eddie: “I’m gonna keep dim sum.” 

Stephanie Hsu

Stephanie Hsu
Ke Huy Quan (left) and Stephanie Hsu (right). Via Character Media/Sthanlee Mirador
“Everything Everything All at Once” star Stephanie Hsu chose to play her own game with the choices: F*ck, marry, kill.
“I know you gave me rules, but I’m gonna break them because that’s just how I am. I’m gonna marry hot pot, I’m gonna F sushi and I’m gonna kill dim sum. Dim sum, I like it, but I don’t love it. Hot pot, sushi and KBBQ, honestly, they just make me nourished. Dim sum, I’m like I want maybe an egg tart, I don’t need 7,000 options.”
So the final verdict?
Dim Sum: 4
Hot pot: 4
Sushi: 6
Stephanie Hsu: Marry hot pot, f*ck sushi, kill dim sum.
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