‘Kung Fu Master’ Gets Wrecked by Chinese Taekwondo Black Belt

‘Kung Fu Master’ Gets Wrecked by Chinese Taekwondo Black Belt
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
May 22, 2019
After being defeated by MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong in January, 56-year-old kung fu “master” Tian Ye stepped inside a ring once again only to be beaten by another younger fighter.
Tian, whose name translates to “Wild Fury,” went up against Chinese black belt taekwondo fighter Zhang Long in Karamay, Xinjiang over the weekend.
According to South China Morning Post, Zhang toyed with Tian during their fight and he was able to land kicks on the elderly fighter’s body and face.
In a video of the match, Zhang can be seen laughing and smiling at Tian’s attack. Tian’s jabs were noticeably weak and he even tried to sneak a few punches after the bell, SCMP noted.
At one point, Tian tried to take down the taekwondo black belt by executing ground and pound, a move that was against the rule of their fight.
The referee finally ended the fight in the third round after Zhang landed several blows to Tian’s face and body.
Back in his January fight with Xu, Tian was reportedly guaranteed 3 million yuan ($434,000) in compensation, but it was unclear exactly how much he received from his recent fight with Zhang.
Regardless of how much his compensation was, the recent fight is yet another loss.
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